The Interesting Effects of Wild Jujube extract

Wild Jujube extract

The Interesting Effects of Wild Jujube extract

Hundreds of experts in the Western world began to develop interest on the Jujube fruit following publications of its effects on treating insomnia and anxiety as well as in preventing cancer and treating chemotherapeutic effects. The jujube fruit, also known as Chinese dates, has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Aside from its delectable taste, Jujube fruit also contains several phytonutrients which may improve overall vitality among millions of individuals. The fruit is commonly subjected to laboratory-controlled extraction procedures to obtain wild jujube extract which are commonly included in health supplement formulations.

What is Wild Jujube extract?

Wild Jujube extract is not quite popular among health supplement users as its uses and potential health benefits are only recently discovered and established. It is, however, a matter of interest among health practitioners as it is shown to provide benefits like no other health supplement ingredient. Wild Jujube extract is typically taken from the jujube fruit itself but other parts of the Jujube plant such as the leaves and roots are also good sources of health supplement compounds. There are only a few studies on Wild Jujube extract which are already conducted on humans but several animal subject studies are already available to show efficiency.

What benefits may be taken from Wild Jujube extract?

Experts say that Wild Jujube extract may be one of the most beneficial supplement ingredients of the current generation not only because of its many health effects but also because of its safety for use. Wild Jujube extract can be used by individuals of all ages, provided that it is taken within recommended doses.

Some benefits of using Wild Jujube extract include the following:

  • It may improve immunity

Some experts say that the compounds found in Wild Jujube extract effectively increase nutrient intake of body cells, thereby improving immunity and body resistance. Certain theories also provide that Wild Jujube extract is rich in Vitamin C, iron, phosphorus and Vitamin B2 which work primarily in the enhancement of immune system function. There are no available proofs, however, as to the effects of Wild Jujube extract in preventing infections.

  • It protects the liver

The ability of Wild Jujube extract to protect the liver from destruction brought about by alcohol, medication use and overall unhealthy lifestyle is one of the reasons why it has become among the most interesting health supplement ingredients of the current generation. Wild Jujube extract effectively promotes re-growth of damaged liver cells and protect them from oxidative stress.

  • It may lower blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure, according to researchers, may also be treated with Wild Jujube extract use, although the clinical patterns are not yet known. Experts say that some compounds found in Wild Jujube extract may promote vasodilation to treat hypertension.


As preposterous its name may be, Wild Jujube extract is a powerful health supplement ingredient for longer life. It is effective for several conditions and may be used in the prevention of diseases.

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