The Powers of the Essential Amino Acid Histidine


The Powers of the Essential Amino Acid Histidine

Human growth and development is a complex process of interactions between body cells, tissues, hormones, enzymes and building-block compounds. While several compounds needed for the milestones are naturally-occurring, other essential amino acids are not produced by the body and must be supplemented through food sources. Among the body’s most essential amino acids which is responsible for the building up of various somatic cells is the compound Histidine. Histidine was believed in the past to be an important only among infants and young children whose bones and muscles are still on the process of development. Recent scientific findings reveal, however, that the compound is also necessary among adults as the process of growth and development is a never-ending course.

What is Histidine?

Isolated first in 1896 by German physicians, Histidine was known to be an effective inflammatory agent. Several animal subject studies have already been conducted to prove claims as to the efficiency of the compound but no single study has yet fully explored the pharmacodynamic effects of using Histidine. In terms of safety, experts say that the compound is generally safe as it is a common element found in several food sources such as lean meat and cheese but for patients taking other medications for maintenance, health supplements containing Histidine must be taken with caution as the compound may cause drug interactions.

Health benefits of using Histidine

Depending on the age group, Histidine may provide health effects which are uniquely helpful and necessary. The many benefits of Histidine supplementation include the following:

  1. It may treat inflammatory conditions

The symptoms of inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gouty arthritis are believed to be treated effectively with Histidine supplementation as the compound is known to control inflammation and reduce immune system responses. This benefit directly results to analgesic effects or pain control to help improve quality of life of individual patients.

  1. It may optimize nerve function

The myelin sheath of nerve cells is necessarily covered with a coating material to help prevent trauma an improve nerve impulse transmission. As an essential amino acid, studies show that Histidine is among the compounds necessary for the production and maintenance of myelin sheath coatings. Low levels of Histidine have also been associated with ineffective sensation, multiple sclerosis and other nerve cell dysfunctions.

  1. It may improve blood cell production

The formed elements of blood which include white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets are founded on essential amino acids including Histidine. Adequate levels of Histidine is shown to improve development of blood cells and prevent their early degeneration.


Histidine is not a new compound it the world of health science but is health benefits are only being discovered this days. Not only is the compound useful among apparently healthy individuals but may also be effective among those who are already suffering from certain disorders.


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