The Purest form of L-Carnitine Base

L-Carnitine Base

The Purest form of L-Carnitine Base

Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid which means that it is naturally produced in the body specifically in the liver, brain and kidneys. Carnitine has come into different supplement forms such as acetyl L-carnitine, L-carnitine tartrate, L-carnitine fumarate and L-carnitine base in which each of this has their own specific functions in the body (nootropic, energy booster, and weight loss, pharmaceutical). L-carnitine has become popular specially in media for it was discovered 100 years ago to be an active component in meat and its great effect seen in the exceptional performance of Italian endurance athletes and soccer world championship athletes  in the 80’s and  early 90’s.

What is L-carnitine Base?

L-carnitine base is the most common and purest form of L-carnitine. It is extremely hygroscopic (easily absorbs moisture from the air leading to damage of product) and unstable, therefore making it suitable to be in liquid form and not in dry formulation. For the stable and dry formulations ideal for capsules and tablets, L-carnitine tartrate and L-carnitine fumarate were used because they are free flowing but have other functions different with L-carnitine base.

L-carnitine base is chemically known as (R)-3-Carboxy-2-hydroxy-N, N, N-trimethyl-1-propanaminium hydroxide, inner salt or (R)-(3-Carboxy-2-hydroxypropyl) trimethylammonium hydroxide, inner salt and commonly called Vitamin BT. It belongs to the class of vitamins, amino acids, nutritional ingredient (food) and pharmaceutical (medicine).

Benefits of L-Carnitine Base:

  1. Has the same bioavailability level with other forms of L-carnitine
  2. Aids the body in converting fatty acids to energy for it is vitamin-like nutrient liable for the promotion of the β-oxidation process of long- chain fatty acids. This fatty acid β-oxidation is a process by which fatty acids are broken down by different tissues to manufacture energy in the body.
  3. Used as nutritional supplements. SCF (Survey of Consumer Finances) approved L-carnitine to be used in infant formula, follow-on formula, and processed cereal-based and baby foods.
  4. It is generally regarded as an aid in cardiovascular health and as a fat burner so it is usually added in sports drinks and even as food additive and in animal nutrition.
  5. Furthermore, increases endurance to athletes due to its involvement in fatty acids metabolism and even speeds up muscle recovery after intense workouts.
  6. A substitute supplement for vegetarians and dieters and even low-weight infants
  7. As a drug, it can be used to increase l-carnitine levels of people with naturally low level L-carnitine in their bodies due to some genetic disorder, drug medication and medical procedures.
  8. As it has hygroscopic nature, it can be used as a moisturizer on skin when mixed with moisturizing creams and lotions.
  9. It is also a possible anti-oxidant therefore prevent occurrence of skin conditions like wrinkle formation, peeling and varicella scarring.

Side effects of L-carnitine base:

L-carnitine base is safe and assured that it can’t cause gastrointestinal distress.

L-carnitine base Dosage:

It is a safe product therefore there is no recommended dosage and can even be taken without limit. But be on the safe side; always consult your doctor before taking it.


It shouldn’t be taken by newborn babies, children, pregnant and lactating women unless advice from a health care professional is given.

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