The Secret to Long Lasting Health Revealed: Pomegranate extract

Pomegranate extract

The Secret to Long Lasting Health Revealed: Pomegranate extract

As rich as its historical background may be, modern researchers say that Pomegranate extract is probably the richest sources of phytonutrients and antioxidants among all other fruits sources. Known as Chinese apple and literally translated into “seeded apple”, many individuals believe that Pomegranate may be the undiscovered cure for modern health conditions such as cancers and brain disorders which are unresponsive to medical treatments. Although the fruit has been in existent even during the Persian and Babylonian periods, studies on Pomegranate extract and its effects in the human body only began in the recent years. It is not difficult to consider several health claims on Pomegranate extract health benefits as phytochemical studies clearly show that it contains phenols, tannins, ellagic acids and other essential compounds for better health.

What is Pomegranate extract?

Pomegranate is an ancient food source which primarily signifies hope and prosperity among prehistoric communities. It has long been used in the celebration of marriages as well as in the preparations of war. The use of Pomegranate was then converted into a medicine source in the recent decades following observations that it has healing properties. In the field of modern science, only health supplements containing Pomegranate extract are made as no approval from the US Food and Drug Association has yet been obtained for the development of medications using the extract. There are no safety issues associated with Pomegranate extract but it must be used with caution among pregnant and lactating women.

Health benefits of using Pomegranate extract

The use of Pomegranate extract in health supplement formulation is essentially beneficial to individual users especially when combined with bioavailability-prolonging compounds. The following are some of the benefits of using Pomegranate extract:

  1. It may detoxify body cells

Pomegranate extract is known to contain hundreds of antioxidant compounds which aid in body detoxification and the elimination of retained toxic chemicals in the body cells. Not only is detoxification helpful in enhancing normal bodily processes but it is also believed to help prevent cancer cell growth as cancer is known to develop when body cells grow uncontrollably due to unusual mutations.

  1. It may enhance cardiac health

Several published studies in various health magazines also made conclusions that Pomegranate extract may help enhance cardiac health by effectively lowering lipid and cholesterol levels. Some researchers also say that Pomegranate extract may reduce blood pressure prevent development of atherosclerotic plaques.

  1. It may treat erectile dysfunctions

One of the newest findings on Pomegranate extract is the suggestion that it may help treat erectile dysfunctions. By improving circulation towards the genital area during sexual engagement, Pomegranate extract is believed to treat the condition.


There are many other benefits of using the healthy nutritional source Pomegranate extract. Most of these claims, however, still require scientific proof.

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