Theobromine: The “Better” Caffeine for Hypertensive Patients


Theobromine: The “Better” Caffeine for Hypertensive Patients

Typically taken from dark chocolates, Theobromine has become a very common subject of various health studies. Many experts say that the health benefits associated with eating dark chocolates are mainly associated with Theobromine contents but some other scientists believe that the compound must be combined with other active chemicals for effective treatment of various health conditions. The compound Theobromine has not been popularized as an efficient health supplement ingredient in the past as it is found to be toxic among certain domestic animals but with advanced technological studies, it was established that the compound is harmless and very beneficial to human users. Along with caffeine in coffee, Theobromine is believed to be the best stimulant compound.

What is Theobromine?

While health studies reveal that the compound Theobromine is similar to caffeine in terms of stimulation and relaxation effects, it has long been established that Theobromine is weaker by almost ten times compared to caffeine. The difference, however, is not quite a disadvantage as the compound Theobromine, unlike caffeine, is shown not to cause increase in blood pressure. Instead, Theobromine effectively reduces blood pressure as it has vasodilation health effects. Many individuals seeking caffeine health benefits use Theobromine health supplements as it is not associated with significant blood pressure changes which can result to harmful effects.

What are the benefits of using Theobromine?

Since the compound Theobromine is almost similar to caffeine, its health benefits are associated as well. There are, however, health benefits of Theobromine which are not found in caffeine, which include bronchi muscles relaxation for effective respiration. The following are some of the health benefits associated with Theobromine use which have already been subject to several health studies:

  • It enhances diuretic effects

Theobromine has been found to help increase rate of urination, thereby reducing fluid levels in the body and preventing hypervolemia which is usually associated with hypertension. Since the compound is also discovered to dilate blood vessels, many experts recommend the recognition of the compound as a potential treatment of hypertension. Increased diuretic effect is also essential in the prevention of various kidney-associated conditions which may affect individuals of various age groups.

  • It may prevent cancer

One of the subjects of patentability researches in the modern days is the cancer preventive effects of Theobromine supplementation. Certain studies reveal that the compound may potentially prevent cancer cell development by enhancing detoxification and eliminating circulating free radicals. The claim is subject, however, to many confirmatory studies.

  • It enhances muscle relaxation

Theobromine supplementation is also believed to enhance smooth muscle relaxation to prevent tensing and constriction. This health benefit can be very useful for patients who are always constipated as the compound effectively relaxes digestive muscles.


There are many studies comparing Caffeine and Theobromine but most of the latest studies reveal that the latter can be more advantageous in various aspects. It must, however, be taken with caution among individuals suffering from certain health conditions.

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