Thiamine mononitrate: The Effective Cure for Nervous System Collapse

Thiamine mononitrate

Thiamine mononitrate: The Effective Cure for Nervous System Collapse

According to modern health studies, long-term Vitamin B1 or Thiamine deficiency can result to dangerous conditions which can pose a lot of risks to the human body. Although the compound can easily be found in various food sources, a great proportion of the modern-day population are found to suffer from Thiamine deficiency due to mal-absorption conditions. Health experts thus recommend the intake of foods rich in Vitamin B1, along with health supplement products containing Thiamine mononitrate. There are no studies yet which have fully established the effects and potential hazards of Thiamine mononitrate supplementation but in several health studies recently conducted, it was found that the compound can be useful for health when taken within recommended doses. Since Thiamine plays a very important role in the human body, its supplementation through Thiamine mononitrate intake is highly recommended.

What is Thiamine mononitrate?

Thiamine mononitrate is one of the two common forms of Vitamin B1 in health supplement products. It is a component of Vitamin B-complex medications which are typically indicated for improvement of nerve function. Many individuals who are approaching the elderly age, and those who are already experiencing paresthesia, numbness and other symptoms of nerve dysfunction are often advised to take Thiamine mononitrate supplements. This is because the compound is very useful in improving nerve ending sensations and brain responses. Studies also reveal that Thiamine mononitrate supplementation may play an important role in the prevention of various cardiovascular symptoms as many of these symptoms develop due to lack of Vitamin B1. The intake of Thiamine mononitrate is safe and effective for modern day adults. However, persons who are potentially allergic to the compound must not take it without physician’s advice. It must not be taken without prescription also among persons who are diagnosed with serious medical conditions.

What are the benefits of using Thiamine mononitrate?

The following are some of the known benefits of using Thiamine mononitrate supplements:

  • It may help treat constipation

One of the most common causes of constipation which are unresponsive to treatment is Thiamine deficiency. In one study, experts said that Thiamine mononitrate supplementation may be beneficial in treating constipation, along with other gastrointestinal symptoms.

  • It improves mood and brain function

Since Vitamin B-complex in general affects nerves, there is a great possibility that Thiamine mononitrate may also improve mood and brain function. This claim, however, is still subject to deeper researches for confirmation purposes.

  • It may help treat Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is one of the most common liver diseases affecting a great proportion of the worldwide population. Studies show that the condition can be treated and prevented with Thiamine mononitrate supplementation. The mechanism of action is not, however, fully understood as of the moment.


The many benefits of using Thiamine mononitrate are still subject to further studies and researches. It must also be studied upon to determine its potential side effects.

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