Titanium dioxide: The Important Compound for Longer Product Shelf-life

Titanium dioxide

Titanium dioxide: The Important Compound for Longer Product Shelf-life

Questions on whether the use of Titanium dioxide on a daily basis is safe have long been circulating not only among health care personnel and experts in the medical field but also among ordinary individuals who happen to be the end-users of products with Titanium dioxide. These questions rose after certain health experts have found that Titanium dioxide nanoparticles, which are found in candies, body care products such as shampoos and toothpastes, as well as in pharmaceutical products, may have potential carcinogenic effect. It was, however, later established that Titanium dioxide use, especially in the production of health supplement products, is useful and effective as long as the compound is only included in very few quantities. When taken in excessive doses, however, it may truly cause cancer and even increase risk for other health conditions. Hence, in the formulation of health supplement products, Titanium dioxide must be included only within established recommended doses.

What is Titanium dioxide?

Usually included in various products because of its effects in improving brightness and whiteness, many health experts have long conducted various health studies on the possible effects and risks of using Titanium dioxide. The compound is usually found in food products eaten by children, such as gums and candies. It has been classified by the United States Food and Drug Association as a healthy compound, provided that it is taken only within the recommended levels. Thus, when taking foods with Titanium dioxide, or health supplement products with Titanium dioxide, individual users must check if the amount of the compound is limited to recommended doses. Titanium dioxide plays a very important role in preventing discoloration of many products. It is necessary in maintaining the color and appearance of capsules and tablets where main supplement ingredients are found. Although it is not typically a major component of health supplement products, it is still very useful.

What are the benefits of using Titanium dioxide?

The following are some of the benefits of using Titanium dioxide in health supplement formulations:

  1. It helps filter UV-rays

Sunscreen products, as well as other skin care products, usually include Titanium dioxide in their formulations as it is known to help filter UV-rays. Although not yet proven, some experts say that Titanium dioxide supplementation may have certain effects in blocking UV-rays, even if not applied in the skin.

  1. It makes skin appear brighter

In quantitative studies recently conducted, it was also found that Titanium dioxide have certain effects in making the skin appear brighter. It may also be used in cosmetic production industry as it is believed to help hide blemishes.

  1. It may help enhance product longevity

The shelf-life of many products, including pharmaceutical products and health supplement products, may improve with the inclusion of Titanium dioxide in their formulations. This is established in many health researches.


Health supplement manufacturers need relative amounts of Titanium dioxide for better production. It may also benefit health supplement users.

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