Tomatidine: An Unripe Tomato Compound for Bigger Muscles


Tomatidine: An Unripe Tomato Compound for Bigger Muscles

Modern clinical researches show that unripe tomatoes yield higher amounts of essential nutritional compounds as compared to the ripe ones. Among the most significant compounds found in unripe tomatoes is the steroidal alkaloid compound known as Tomatidine. There have been a lot of studies on the potential effects of Tomatidine in the human body as an alkaloid compound. Aside from being a well-known compound for oxidative stress reduction, Tomatidine also serves as a muscle-building compound as it observed to help prevent muscle atrophy associated with aging among mice subjects. Health supplement formulations in the current generation usually include Tomatidine as a main ingredient as it is safe and effective for bodybuilding. Other suggested health benefits of using Tomatidine are being subjected to in-depth clinical researches in order to fully establish health claims.

What is Tomatidine?

Tomatidine is simply a compound isolated through various extraction procedures from unripe tomatoes. It is an interesting compound for muscle-building enthusiasts as it helps improve muscle mass while preventing atrophy among elderly men and women. Aside from increasing muscle size, the compound Tomatidine is also useful in strengthening muscles and preventing wasting which can be associated with trauma, structural defect and underlying illnesses. In cases of muscle trauma, Tomatidine may also be used to promote faster healing. In several studies, Tomatidine has been compared to the popular antioxidant compound Lycopene. There are several similarities between Lycopene and Tomatidine in terms of health benefits. Pilot studies have already been conducted to determine the uses of Tomatidine in the field of cancer prevention and control. It has been shown that Tomatidine has almost similar effects in controlling cancer as that of Lycopene but the exact mechanisms of action of both compounds in the human body are not yet fully understood.

Health benefits of using Tomatidine

Supplementing compounds from tomatoes like Tomatidine can help improve overall health and wellness in so many ways. The following are other health benefits of using Tomatidine supplements:

  • It may enhance weight loss effects

Prior to muscle size enhancement, weight loss is an absolute prerequisite. Studies show that Tomatidine, aside from enhancing muscle mass development, also enhances weight loss effects. It must, however, be accompanied with healthy diet and exercise.

  • It has cardioprotective effects

Tomatidine also helps protect the heart from damages brought about by toxins which accumulate blood vessels and impede normal circulation. It has long been established as a detoxification compound which works as well in the bloodstream.

  • It may reduce effects of rapid aging

Aging is inevitable but with essential tomato compounds as Tomatidine, the damaging effects of aging can be prevented. This has been concluded in one study involving animal subjects and Tomatidine.


Tomatidine is one of the most beneficial compounds isolated from unripe tomatoes. It is classified as generally safe for use among individual users but it must be taken with caution among patients who are diagnosed with serious medical conditions.

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