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Nattokinase powder

What Is Nattokinase?

Nattokinase, or NK shortly, also known as subtilisin kinase, is a fermentation product of Bacillus natto and is an active protease. At present, the liquid fermentation method is mainly used to obtain nattokinase with high activity.

What Is The Source Of Nattokinase Powder?

Natto is fermented from soybean strains. As a traditional health food, it has a history of thousands of years in Japan.

Natto originated in the Qin and Han Dynasties of China. It was called “douche” in China. During the Tang Dynasty, monks such as Jianzhen traveled east to Japan and introduced it to Japan. It gradually spread and became popular in Japan.

At present, the United States, South Korea, and other European and American countries are also industrializing natto for research and development of end products. Natto is rich in nutrition, which contains vitamin E, carbohydrates, protein, vitamin B, fat, calcium, vitamin B2, dietary fiber, potassium, iron, and other elements.

Other active substances, such as nattokinase, isoflavones, lysozyme, lipase, protease, etc., will also be produced during fermentation.

Since ancient times, natto has been used as a soy product for both food and medicine in the folks. Nowadays, with the advancement of science and technology and human health needs, natto is widely used in the food processing and healthcare product industries.

What Are The Advantages Of The Raw Materials Used By Nutri Avenue?

  1. Nutri Avenue, a professional supplement ingredients supplier, selects high-quality purebred natto bacteria as raw materials, not Aspergillus niger. Because the cost of the product made from Aspergillus niger is very low, its safety is unknown, and it has not been approved by relevant departments such as Japan and Taiwan Nattokinase Association.
  2. Because vitamin K2 will be produced during the preparation process of nattokinase vitamin, it will have a negative effect on the principle of nattokinase. So in producing nattokinase, vitamin K2 is removed, which can ensure dissolution speed and efficiency.
  3. Membrane filtration removes the ammonia odor produced during the fermentation of nattokinase.
  4. The detection method of the product is subject to the activity analysis method promulgated by the Japan Nattokinase Association, which has been highly recognized at home and abroad.
  5. Nattokinase powder has good water solubility and is suitable for making solid drinks.

Common Specifications Of Bulk Nattokinase Powder

  • Nattokinase Bulk Powder 10000FU/g Stock in CA
  • Nattokinase Bulk Powder 20000FU/g
  • Nattokinase Bulk Powder 2000FU/g
  • Nattokinase Bulk Powder 4000FU/g

Why does Nattokinase Powder have its own exclusive unit?

The full name of FU is Fibrinolytic Units, which means the amount of fibrin dissolved by a certain amount of nattokinase within a certain period. FU/g refers to the amount of enzyme activity contained in each gram of nattokinase raw material.

Nattokinase Bulk Powder Manufacturing Process

nattokinase powder manufacturing process

How Is Nattokinase Powder Applied In The Market?

Nattokinase powder is mainly used as a raw material for health food and functional food additive.

For example, by adding nattokinase to functional foods, it can be made into finished foods such as solid beverages and compressed candies. And adding nattokinase to healthy food, there are options such as tablets and capsules.

Nattokinase Reference Formula

* All ingredients powder mentioned above, are available at Nutri Avenue.

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