Tree Peony Bark: Anticoagulant for Embolus Prevention

Tree Peony Bark Extract

Tree Peony Bark: Anticoagulant for Embolus Prevention

Before its discovery as a potential medical treatment, ancient Chinese men used Tree Peonies as firewood as it typically grows massively in mountainous areas. At around 900 B.C, however, alternative medicine practitioners observed that the Tree Peony extract effectively treats health conditions including painful menstrual cramps among women and abdominal problems.

In the modern setting, manufacturers of health supplements include Tree Peony Bark extract in their formulations as it is said to be very helpful in preventing several diseases.

Many of the health claims associated with the use of the extract are not, however, proven under clear scientific pathways as limited qualitative studies have yet been conducted. It is believed that the extract is safe under recommended doses, although it may cause side effects among individuals suffering from certain diseases.

What is Tree Peony Bark extract?

Tree Peony Bark extract is a health supplement ingredient taken from the bark of the popular herbal plant source Tree Peony. The other parts of the plant such as the seeds and flowers are less frequently used in the field of medicine as they yield lesser compound constituents as compared to the roots and the bark of Tree Peony.

Pharmacologic researches show that Tree Peony Bark extract mainly contains compounds including Paeonol and Paeonoflorin which are very useful in preventing infections and reducing pain. The extract also contains relative quantities of alkaloids and tannins which can be used in preventing cancer cell growth and improving various bodily processes.

Health benefits of using Tree Peony Bark extract

Tree Peony Bark extract is included in health supplement formulations for many reasons. The following are among the well-known health benefits of using Tree Peony Bark extract:

1. It may prevent blood clotting

Formation of blood clots in veins and arteries can be very dangerous. When the blood clot dislodges, it may travel towards the brain, the heart of the lungs, leading to their cerebrovascular accident, myocardial infarction or pulmonary embolism. Patients who are at high risk for blood clot formations are advised to take Tree Peony Bark extract as the medicinal ingredient is said to prevent blood clotting. Patients who are taking anticoagulant medications, however, must seek physician’s consultation prior to use of Tree Peony Bark extract.

2. It may prevent inflammation

Inflammations brought about by increased uric acid such as gouty arthritis as well as inflammations other factors are believed to be treated effectively with Tree Peony Bark extract supplementation. It does not provide, however, rapid effects in controlling inflammatory responses.

3. It contains antioxidants

The health supplement ingredient Tree Peony Bark extract also contains several antioxidant compounds which help prevent development of cancer cells in the human body. Long-term supplementation is necessary for this purpose.


Tree Peony Bark extract can be used by individuals of various ages. It is very helpful in promoting overall wellness and is proven to be

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