Ubiquinol: An Antioxidant for Cellular Power-up


Ubiquinol: An Antioxidant for Cellular Power-up

For decades, the compound Ubiquinol has been recognized for its health effects in the body, it being found in body organs requiring high amounts of energy for optimal functioning. While it is known since its discovery to be an ideal compound in health supplement formulations, experts spent years to assess the molecular structure of Ubiquinol and make it stable before including it in supplements. Today, with the development of stable Uniquinol, many health supplement manufacturers develop products containing the compound as it is claimed to provide a wide range of health benefits. Although the compound Ubiquinol can be found naturally in the human body, increasing its amount within healthy levels is very useful.

What is Ubiquinol?

Ubiquinol is a naturally-occurring fat-soluble compound among human beings. It is usually confused with Uniquinione, the oxidised form of Co-enzyme Q-10 but experts say that it is completely different in molecular structure. In terms of health benefits, however, Ubiquinol is said to promote wellness almost the same way as Co-enzyme Q10 does. The Ubiquinol in health supplements are taken from several sources. Most manufacturers derive the compound from fermented yeast. One of the most important functions of Ubiquinol in the human body is the conversion of energy to power up cellular function. High amounts of Ubiquinol can be found in the heart, the brain and other vital organs requiring high energy levels.

Health benefits of using Ubiquinol

Taking supplements with Ubiquinol can provide certain individual benefits. It is usually included with other energy-boosting ingredients for everyday maximum wellness. The following are some of the claimed benefits of using Ubiquinol:

  • It works as an antioxidant

The only fat-soluble antioxidant produced naturally by the human body is the compound Ubiquinol. As an antioxidant, the compound is believed to play a vital role in the prevention of cancer cell growth and development as it helps eliminate dangerous compounds in body cells. It may also slow down rapid aging and prolong life of skin and body cells, thereby preventing appearance of early signs of aging. Most of its benefits as an antioxidant are associated with effective detoxification.

  • It reduces oxidative stress

Oxidative stress in body cells, especially the vital organs, result to rapid deterioration and slowed functioning. Studies show that Ubiquinol helps reduce oxidative stress in body cells while increasing energy levels through effective metabolism processes.

  • It improves male fertility

Latest researches on Ubiquinol also reveal that it may improve fertility among males as it enhances sperm cell production and motility. One of the most common causes of male infertility is lack of cellular energy in sperm cells. By enhancing sperm motility, fertility can be treated and prevented.


Uniquinol is one of today’s best health supplement ingredient. It addresses various modern health conditions and promotes longevity through several activated patterns.

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