Uridine: The Essential RNA Nucleoside Base for Mental Health Regulation


Uridine: The Essential RNA Nucleoside Base for Mental Health Regulation

makes up almost all types of body cells. Although it can be developed in the body with the interaction of naturally-occurring enzymes and compounds from common food sources, experts say that increasing dietary intake of nucleotide bases such as Uridine, which is among the basic components of RNA, can provide a lot of health benefits. Uridine is mostly taken from various food groups including broccoli, fish and oats. High amounts of Uridine can also be found in beer. While the compound can be supplemented simply with diet, taking health supplements with Uridine and fish oil are said to be more advantageous as Uridine, together with fish oil, provides synergized health effects which can be very helpful for health promotion.

What is Uridine?

As a precursor for the production of RNA in the human body, Uridine is known to play a very important role in human cell growth and development. Without adequate Uridine levels, experts say that delay in developmental milestones is possible both as to mental and physical aspects. Many health supplements which contain the compound Uridine are promoted in the field of medicine as effective mental function boosters. Aside from enhancing cognitive function, some other groups of experts say that the compound is also essential in treating depressive symptoms. Limited is known as to the potential risks of taking the compound but as a naturally-occurring element, it is most likely to be safe.

Health Benefits of using Uridine

While the compound Uridine mostly addresses cognitive dysfunctions brought about by various factors, it is not only indicated for elderly individuals and those who are approaching the elderly age. The compound can provide the following health benefits among individual users, both young and old:

  • It regulates neurotransmitter production

Most mental health issues including those which are way beyond touch of modern psychiatric medicine are primarily associated with neurotransmitter production imbalances. There are many factors causing neurotransmitters to be produced excessively or scantily but in both cases, Uridine supplementation is believed to be of great help. The compound Uridine stimulates production of several neurotransmitters including Dopamine and Acetylcholine, as found in studies.

  • It has anxiolytic effects

Anxiolytic medications, although generally useful, are not quite advisable as they are associated with certain dangerous side effects. Studies show that Uridine can help treat anxiety following long-term supplementation as it effectively regulates production of neurotransmitters which stabilizes mood. The compound is also effective against depression.

  • It helps regulate sleep

Insomnia or inability to complete the regular hours of sleep due to inability to sleep is also probably linked with hormonal and neurotransmitter production problems. In one independent study, a group of scientists said that Uridine supplementation may contribute to insomnia treatment as it helps regulate neurotransmitter production.


An overall improvement in mental health is expected with long-term use of Uridine health supplements. Some individuals, however, have reported mild headache during the first few doses but his side effect is expected to disappear.

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