Useful Compound for Menopausal Women: Black Cohosh extract

Black Cohosh extract

Useful Compound for Menopausal Women: Black Cohosh extract

Among the most important contributions of traditional Native American herbal treatments which are currently being subjected to deeper studies for US FDA approval is the claimed benefits of Black Cohosh extract in the treatment of menopause symptoms. In 2008, statistical surveys show that health supplements containing Black Cohosh extract which are primarily indicated for menopausal women have top grossed sales in several regions in the Western section. While the safety and efficiency of the drug when it comes to human consumption is not yet fully established, a lot of in-depth clinical researches provide positive conclusions.

 What is Black Cohosh extract?

The use of Black Cohosh roots and rhizome in the production of tea and herbal medications waves back to the time when Europeans have not yet settled in the US. Native American folklore treatments originally indicated Black Cohosh extract for the cure of sore throats, inflammations and other kidney dysfunctions. During the settlement of the Europeans, the use of Black Cohosh extract as a treatment for gynecological conditions including menopausal symptoms has become extensive. In the mid-1800’s, scientific studies on Black Cohosh extract were initiated after a finding that the active compounds of the extract may cure nervous system disorders.

Health benefits of Black Cohosh extract

In very high doses, the use of Black Cohosh extract has been said to be associated with increased risk for uterine cancer as well as liver damage. This is the reason why physicians raise extreme cautions among patients using Black Cohosh extract beyond the recommended doses. In its healthy dosages, however, Black Cohosh extract can promote body wellness in the following ways:

  • It may treat infections

Bacterial and viral infections in various areas of the body are said to be treated effectively with Black Cohosh extract use. Some of the infections proven to have been treated with the extract include yellow fever and malaria. The compounds in Black Cohosh extract are also found to reduce swelling brought about by the proliferation of microorganisms during acute infections.

  • It may be an alternative for hormonal replacement therapy

Hormonal replacement therapy is usually indicated among patient with hormonal imbalances brought about by aging. Hormonal imbalances can result to several bodily manifestations such as body pains, mood changes, osteoporosis and even nerve cell degeneration. By enhancing hormonal balance and preventing hormonal destruction, Black Cohosh extract is suggested to become an alternative for hormonal replacement therapies.

  • It essentially treats menopausal symptoms

Dryness, hot flashes, night sweating and heart palpitations are some of the symptoms shown to be controlled effectively with Black Cohosh extract use. Experts say that the actions of the extract are brought about by its hormone balance-promoting effects.


Combined with other compounds for menopausal women, Black Cohosh extract can definitely make one of the most difficult stages of a woman’s life a lot more comfortable. Black Cohosh extract is safe for most individuals but not to those who are pregnant or lactating.

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