Usnic acid: The Potential Natural Cure for Tuberculosis

Usnic acid

Usnic acid: The Potential Natural Cure for Tuberculosis

Clinical researches on the relatively ancient health supplement ingredient Usnic acid has been evidently showing its efficiency in promoting overall wellness but in recently concluded studies, it was found that the compound may have certain dangerous effects in the liver when taken in very high doses. This is reason why experts and medical practitioners advise individuals to take Usnic acid only in low doses. Since the compound is not an essential nutrient to the human body, its maximum and minimum daily allowance has not yet been established. However, many medical studies indicate healthy levels for Usnic acid supplementation, along with other compounds which promote health. There are many health benefits associated with the use of Usnic acid, although these claims are not yet fully proven due to difficulties in conducting actual human-subject researches.

What is Usnic acid?

Usnic acid is a crystalline yellow substance isolated primarily from Usnea, a lichen species. Having been derived from natural sources, Usnic acid was believed to have no side effects in the past but with the advent of medical studies, it was observed to be quite dangerous in high doses. Regulated use of Usnic acid has been shown to be effective in controlling growth of microorganisms in the human body. There are no established patterns as to how Usnic acid exactly kills and reduces microbes in the body but many experts believe that it does so by enhancing the functions of the immune system. Aside from being used in the field of health supplement formulation, many manufacturers of cosmetic products and products applied in the skin also use Usnic acid as it works in reducing bacterial growth.

Health benefits of using Usnic acid health supplements

The antimicrobial effect of Usnic acid makes it quite ideal in treating infection-associated conditions affecting many organ systems of the human body. Some of the specific advantages of using Usnic acid include the following:

  1. It may prevent athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a health condition associated with rapid growth of microorganisms, specifically, fungi, in the feet. The exact cause of the condition is not yet known but it is said to be prevented with Usnic acid supplementation.

  1. It may control ringworm growth

Ringworm is another skin health illness which affects a vast proportion of the human population. Although it can be treated with ordinary topical medications, recurrent occurrences of the illness may be prevented with Usnic acid supplementation.

  1. It may help reduce tuberculosis bacteria

The microorganism causing tuberculosis has been shown to have reduced rate of multiplication following Usnic acid supplementation. This issue is currently being studied upon in many laboratory fields.


Utmost caution is required among individuals taking Usnic acid supplements. Patients with severe liver damage and those who are diagnosed with other health conditions must take it with physician’s advice.

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