USP Lab’s Agmatine 500 For Improving Physique


USP Lab’s Agmatine 500 For Improving Physique

The Supplement Agmatine 500

Are you looking for the best supplement that could boost your health and even help you to achieve a great and fantastic body? Were you searching for ages? Then, your search is over; agmatine 500 surely is the thing that you’ve been searching for!

Agmatine 500 is the supplement which contains 1000mg of agmatine sulfate. This supplement is recommended for people above 18 years of age and of course people who want to achieve the most of their body image. Agmatine sulfate is also known as super arginine. Agmatine and arginine are both amino acids but agmatine has a little change through the process called decarboxylation which made it stronger and more effective than L-arginine.

Uses of Agmatine 500

Generally, agmatine is believed to have a neuroprotective effects, thus it suggests that it is safe for the brain and it helps to manage pain. Second, agmatine increases the production of nitric oxide; this means that agmatine pumps up your muscles feeling lesser pain and sore. Agmatine sulfate believed to have fantastic effects on your mood. This means that agmatine can help you out when you feel sad or stressed. Isn’t it fantastic? Agmatine supplements, without any doubt, are the supplements you need.

Reviews on Agmatine 500

Here are some reviews on agmatine sulfate from USP LABS agmatine 500. One of the best-selling supplements of USP labs is agmatine 500.


Like I said above this was my first time ever trying straight agmatine. I was not sure what all to expect from this product except some really crazy and intense pumps I heard you would get with this. Well that is just what I got but not as much as I think I would have gotten if I would have done the 2 pills instead of just 1. I did not want to overdo it on the pumps if I was taking other stuff that already had NO in them. I have heard that some people do not respond very well to straight agmatine but for me it worked pretty good. I feel I got better pumps off this than I would get with straight Arginine. The pumps I got off this seem to last through out my whole workout and felt really good. It was nothing overly powering on pumps but felt good. My vascularity was a lot more noticeable and it was good to see more of my veins showing. I really wish I would have done the two pills at once because I think the pumps would have only been that much better. I did stack this with some other stuff and I feel this only helped more. How this would have worked if I was not taking the other stuff with this I don’t know but I am sure it would still have been good. I am not usually a big fan of NO type pump products and feel they are a waste of money because of what they do and don’t really help you build more strength and size. I notice some products take a while to start working but this stuff seemed to start working right away for me and kept working throughout the whole bottle.

Side Effects:
Never had any issues with side effects. The only thing I would think that might be a little bit of a problem is that the pumps you get from this might be a little too much at times to handle depending on what you working that day and how hard you are working out.

I thought this was a decent product. Gave me some great pumps and made me a bit more vascular. Would I recommend this yes? If your look for an inexpensive pump type product this would be good to try. Even though this worked great for me I probably won’t get this again just because I am not a big fan of spending money on NO product.


Agmatine is a relatively new “pump” product that has flooded the supplement industry as of late, marketed as a byproduct of Arginine, better absorbed and utilized by the body. Along with increasing pumps, this product is intended to help aid in blood flow, muscle fullness, and nutrient repartitioning. Many newer pre-workouts/N.O. Boosters/natural test boosters are starting to include this ingredient in their formulas, with usp labs claiming their brand of Agmatine 500 as one of the more pure forms out there. This product contained 60 pills, with the only ingredient being the 500mg of Agmatine, and suggested dosing being 1-2 caps a day preworkout for a pump, with an optional 1-2 caps on off days to lend in nutrient repartitioning.

My Experience – I only dosed this product on workout days (from 1 – 2 caps), as I was looking more for a pump from this, than for any possible nutrient repartitioning benefits. Throughout the duration of using this product, I had several different stacks:

Agmatine500 w/ Jack3d Micro – this was a pretty sweet stack in terms of the pump I received. I work out first thing in the morning, and whatever body part worked that morning, would be “pumped” practically all day after dosing. The pump could be described as full, like whatever muscle group worked would feel inflated and strong.

Agmatine500 w/ Creatine/Beta-Alanine – I ran the agmatine without a preworkout after completing my run with Micro, stacking with only the basic ceratine and beta-alanine. The workouts I had with this combo only solidified that the Agmatine was the primary provider of my pumps, being almost the same as when I was taking Micro. However, there were one or two occasions I wanted to see if this was really doing anything, and on those days, I could definitely feel a difference. I still had good workouts, but my muscles just seemed flatter, for a lack of a better term. Compared to when using the Agmatine where I could literally feel the blood flowing to my muscles, this was as good as proof as I needed in knowing that the Agmatine was working for me. It did not substantially affect endurance/strength, but again, I was only looking for the pump with this product, and it definitely succeeded in that department.

Side Effect – I did experience one side effect I was not expecting while using this product. While getting it on with my girlfriend, I noticed a much fuller and stronger woody. A definitely and unexpected plus in my book.

Conclusion – I ended up really enjoying this product. Although not a necessity by any means, I could definitely see myself purchasing another bottle or two, for whenever I am cycling off stems but would still like a pump. It was extremely consistent, which seems to be something that not ALL N.O. products can claim. So the next time you’re looking to get “pumped”, rather than taking a guess with an inconsistent pump product with several ingredients in a proprietary blend, I would recommend the consistency of USP Labs Agmatine 500, which would probably end up being cheaper anyway.


Agmatine is a great product if you want to feel that pump and tightness in your muscles, it is better than NO2 because Agmatine is a direct supplement and NO2 need to go through a process before feeling the effects. I have done several cycles of Agmatine and I really like the tightness and pumps that I get from this product, like every product, it will not have the same effects for everyone, cause everyone is built different, i have tried many products and this is one that works for me and will continue to use this product.


I was first introduced to Agmatine during pre-deployment work-up training in Shilo for Afghanistan. Agmatine is a great product for people who want a workout PUMP without the side effects and crappy taste that NO2 and other pumps offer. It still works great with pre workouts like 1MR, and I haven’t had issues with using creatines and other workout additives. It works best when taken regularly, and I’ve noticed a difference in effectiveness depending on what muscle group I’m training. I also take it when I just run too!


This is a great product take as directed and works great. Feel more energy and more pump while doing my daily work out at the gym. Strongly recommend this.


AGMATINE 500 is the best product I have ever taken for pumps. Amazing how much fuller and ready your muscles are while using it. Stacking it with VERSA-1 and JACK3D was amazing…I highly recommend it!

Though the following reviews show a great effect on their health and bodies, consulting your physician are still the best way to start before taking agmatine sulfate as one of your daily supplements especially when you are under medication. It is still the best to have a safety precaution before trying any product or supplements.

Healthy lifestyle is the wealth we should maintain in this world, thus, to attain this, we need healthy foods and of course supplements to provide additional minerals that we can’t receive from the food we eat. Supplements that are safe, reliable and of course effective.  If you are a person who wants to improve his or her health, body composition and lifestyle, this might be a great help for you, agmatine sulfate.

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