Valeric acid: GABA-like Compound for Stress Relief

Valeric acid

Valeric acid: GABA-like Compound for Stress Relief

Treating stress symptoms by eating chocolates is a recognized alternative medical option, although excessive chocolate intake may result to certain unlikely effects. Since the discovery of the association between chocolates and stress, many studies were conducted to determine which exactly among the compounds found in chocolate is responsible for the relaxing-effects of the food. In the recent years, medical practitioners have found that the alkyl carboxylic acid compound known as Valeric acid is primarily responsible for the stress-relieving effects of chocolates. Since excessive chocolates can result to weight gain and other side effects, experts have devised a way to isolate Valeric acid from the food source and promote relaxation without adverse effects. Today, Valeric acid is used in the field of health supplement manufacture as a prime component for supplements indicated for modern adults.

What is Valeric acid?

Valeric acid is a compound isolated from many food sources, primarily from chocolates. It has a molecular structure which is almost similar to that of GABA, the naturally-occurring neurotransmitter produced by the brain. GABA plays a vital role in treating anxiety and slowing down bodily responses, thereby promoting relaxation. Having almost identical molecular structure as GABA, experts believe that Valeric acid works in almost the same way as the neurotransmitter. Studies are also being conducted today to determine the extent of safety for use of Valeric acid among individual users and to establish how rapid health benefits may be manifested. Other potential health uses of Valeric acid are also being discovered in many pilot studies.

Health benefits of using Valeric acid

Stressed individuals are advised to take relative doses of Valeric acid on a daily basis to help prevent physical, psychological and emotional effects of stress. Some other benefits of Valeric acid include the following:

  • It may help reduce pain sensation

In one independent quantitative research, experts found that Valeric acid may help reduce sensation of physical pain as the compound may promote production of hormones in the body which control pain. The compound is not indicated, however, to replace anti-inflammatory and analgesic medications as its effects, in terms of whether it is gradual or rapid, are not yet fully known.

  • It may improve mental function

Promoting relaxation and preventing brain strain results to improved mental function. As an effective relaxant, Valeric acid is claimed by many experts to effectively promote brain function and cognition. Its effects among patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia and other degenerative brain conditions are not, however, established.

  • It enhances sense of well-being

Studies also show that Valeric acid supplementation enhances overall sense of well-being as it effectively prevents damage in brain cells brought about by excessive stress and anxiety. Some experts also say that Valeric acid may help treat depression.


Many other benefits of Valeric acid on overall cognition are currently being studied upon in many modern settings. It is advisable for use among modern individuals who are exposed to high levels of stress.

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