Violet cabbage extract: The Well-Known Constipation Treatment Effective for Cancer

Violet cabbage extract

Violet cabbage extract: The Well-Known Constipation Treatment Effective for Cancer

Red or purple-colored cabbages are atypical in the eyes of many individuals before the outburst of worldwide consciousness on use of organic fruits and vegetables. Today, these types of cabbages can be seen in shopping centers and are usually patronized by a large sector of the population. Many manufacturers of health supplement products have also included Violet cabbage extract in their formulations in order to provide maximum benefits to individuals who are unable to eat purple-colored cabbages. Aside from the well-known fact that Violet cabbage extract can be useful in treating constipation as it contains high amounts of fiber, experts have observed that it may promote wellness through many activated patterns. It is generally safe for adult use and may also be used within low doses among younger individuals.

What is Violet cabbage extract?

Violet cabbage extract is taken from purple-colored cabbages, a relatively new addition in the world of organic food products. Through the process of extraction, experts say that the nutrients found in purple cabbage can be introduced in the body in its concentrated forms, thereby promoting wellness at its maximum. It is also believed that a combination of the compounds in Violet cabbage extract and other nutrient sin health supplement formulations provide synergized effects for better health. Violet cabbage extract contains high amounts of Vitamin C which is essential for individuals who are suffering from deficiency of the vitamin. Some other compounds found in the extract include fiber, magnesium, Vitamin A and potassium.

Health benefits of using Violet cabbage extract

People who take Violet cabbage extract supplements are observed to have improved overall health following long-term supplementation. Although the extract is not associated with any immediate health effects, it can improve health with long-term doses. The following are some of the most well-known benefits of using Violet cabbage extract:

  1. It may control cancer cell growth

Violet cabbage extract contains compounds like lupeol, sulforaphane and sinigrin which effectively prevent tumor growth when taken within the early stages of the disease process. Individuals include Violet cabbage in their diets are observed to have lowered risk for cancer development.

  1. It may improve eye health

The beta-carotene component of Violet cabbage extract, along with other retinal health-promoting compounds, is sufficient to provide individual users with long-term eye wellness. Studies show that Violet cabbage extract may help prevent macular degeneration and cataract formations among elderly individuals.

  1. It may promote brain health

Experts also say that Vitamin K and anthocyanins in Violet cabbage extract may be effective in promoting brain health and preventing development of degenerative brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. It is not, however, intended to treat these conditions.


Violet cabbage extract may also promote weight loss, enhance bone health and prevent hypertension. The many benefits of Violet cabbage extract are so extensive but are mostly subject to confirmatory researches.

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