Vitafoods Asia 2023: 9 Hottest Raw Ingredients And New Trends

Vitafoods Asia 2023

Vitafoods Asia 2023: 9 Hottest Raw Ingredients And New Trends

From September 20-22, 2023, the Vitafoods Asia Exhibition was held as scheduled in Bangkok, Thailand. The exhibition covers the entire nutrition and health industry chain.

Scientific Data Is Still The Driving Force.

Not only Vitafoods Asia and other international exhibitions in recent years can feel that “scientific data support” is the main dimension of competition for raw material manufacturers. International raw material manufacturers emphasize “patents, clinical data, and technical processes.” Especially for mainstream international suppliers, these factors are basically standard.

India has always been a strong competitor of Chinese plant raw materials. At present, most companies in India follow the same development path as domestic companies. That is, they only provide low-value-added raw materials and win through quantity. More efforts are needed to win with quality. Currently, the raw material end is controlled and exported by European and American companies.

Many distinctive raw materials, including some local raw materials in China, have become the focus of foreign companies because domestic companies lack Western research model data.

What Are The Popular Raw Ingredients At Vitafoods Asia 2023?

A very obvious trend in this year’s exhibition is that collagen, lutein, astaxanthin, etc., are everywhere.


Collagen has become very popular in the market in the past two years and is still one of the hot raw materials at this year’s exhibition. At present, the mainstream track is still based on oral beauty treatments. But its market ceiling is far from reached. Bone and joint health is becoming the second curve of collagen growth.

A German company has launched a hydrolyzed type II collagen peptide. It is formulated with three raw materials, including type II collagen, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is a typical Western nutrient blend formula with both skin and joint benefits.

At the same time, new sources of collagen are also the direction companies are paying attention to. At present, the mainstream ones are still fish and beef bones.

A company in Taiwan, China, has launched 9 types of collagen derived from fish. The structures of collagen peptides derived from different parts and those derived from different fish species are also different. Relatively bright.


Astaxanthin powder can also be seen everywhere at this exhibition. This ingredient is a relatively common raw material in the oral beauty market. However, based on its special physiological properties, its applicable markets include immunity, sports nutrition, eye health, etc. Major global raw material suppliers also conduct clinical research data in this area.

At this exhibition, Breko launched a square astaxanthin gummy candy. Unlike conventional gummies, the product formula includes astaxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin B2, etc.


Turmeric, a spice raw material, has inherent advantages in the Southeast Asian market. In terms of raw material supply, Indian companies are relatively concentrated.

Herbal medicines represented by curcumin have become very popular in European and American markets in the past two years. However, a major limitation that needs attention is its low bioavailability. There is a type of cross-border curcumin supplier in the world that relies on its own technical advantages to break through the industry.

At present, most foreign curcumin development focuses on “water solubility.” On the one hand, they have technical skills, and on the other hand, they have regulatory approval. The lack of popularity of curcumin in the domestic market is also related to its identity. It has always been limited to the application level of pigments. If the amount is not used, the effect will not be achieved, and the effect will not be obvious. Consumers can only choose products that come across the border.

At this exhibition, India’s K.Patel phyto extractions company launched CurcuVail, a water-soluble curcumin raw material. Make it into curcumin cookies, curcumin chocolate, and more.

In addition, lutein powder and Vitamin E are also popular raw ingredients at Vitafoods Asia 2023. India has a supply advantage in lutein cultivation. Malaysia has outstanding advantages in palm oil, the source of vitamin E powder.

6 Featured Raw Ingredients Overview

In addition to conventional raw materials, specialty raw materials are also one of the dimensions for companies to compete in the market.

  • Snail extract

This ingredient is very niche, and its application tracks include oral beauty, bone and joint health, intestinal health, and other scenarios. Corresponding scientific data support these. Product forms include liquid extract, powder extract, etc. Basically, all food-grade snails are used.

  • Fig extract

Figs are a typical Mediterranean fruit. The main component of this extract is a standardized concentration of abscisic acid (ABA). The application direction is blood sugar management, and the launch company is Spanish EuroMed.

  • South African Geranium

It is a typical African raw material. The core ingredients are mainly polyphenols and flavonoids. The main application scenarios are immune health and respiratory health. It is a region-specific raw material. Relevant clinical research data has also been completed.

  • Longan Flower Extract

This ingredient mainly comprises longan flower extract, which can promote melatonin synthesis in the body. The main application scenario is the sleep market. It is a relatively differentiated raw material with animal and human clinical data.

  • Sage Extract

Sage itself has a history of traditional use in Europe. Cognivia™, launched by Nexira in France, blends sage leaf extract and Spanish sage essential oil. The main application direction is cognitive health, available in capsules, tablets, powder, and other forms.

  • Perilla Leaf Extract

Perilla is a typical medicinal and food source in China. Perilla leaves are used as side dishes. This perilla leaf extract launched in foreign markets contains a specific proportion of selected flavonoids. The main application area is intestinal health. It is a new generation of prebiotics.


The main trends at Vitafoods Asia 2023 focus on collagen, astaxanthin, and curcumin. The market application prospects of these three ingredients are diversified. For example, collagen is still mainly taken orally for beauty purposes. But bone and joint health is also one of the applicable paths. In addition to these three well-known ingredients that remain popular, there are also 6 unique plant extracts on the market, such as snail extract, fig extract, etc. I believe that in the near future, consumers will have a deeper understanding and acceptance of various nutritional ingredients. Nutritional ingredients with high market familiarity will continue to develop in new fields, and the market will accept more and more niche raw ingredients.

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