Vitamin A Palmitate Oil: The Retinoid with Many Functions

Vitamin A Palmitate Oil

The health supplement ingredient Vitamin A Palmitate Oil is one of two forms of the useful nutrient supplement Vitamin A. Compared to carotenoids, retinoids such as Vitamin A Palmitate Oil are more readily bioavailable. This means that Vitamin A Palmitate Oil may be introduced in the body and used up by cells immediately without the need for it to be converted into its bioavailable form. On the other hand, carotenoids must be converted into their retinoid forms before they can be used up by the body in the promotion of health. Overall, however, Vitamin A Palmitate Oil, a retinoid, and carotenoid Vitamin A’s are beneficial in improving immunity, preventing eye damage and improving overall health and wellness. Many manufacturers of health supplement ingredients use Vitamin A Palmitate Oil in their formulation of supplements as it is more advantageous among individual users. It may also be used by healthy adults in general.

What is Vitamin A Palmitate Oil?

Vitamin A Palmitate Oil is a health supplement ingredient which belongs to the category of retinoid Vitamin A’s. It is a bioavailable Vitamin A form which can be absorbed by the body without delay. Vitamin A Palmitate Oil is found in various animal products including milk, cheese, fish, and livers. It may also be found in egg yolks. It is among the approved supplement ingredients by the United States Food and Drug Association as it is found to provide various health benefits. Vitamin A Palmitate Oil must, however, be taken only within recommended doses. High doses of Vitamin A Palmitate Oil may be taken by persons who are suffering from Vitamin A deficiency but only upon recommendation and prescription of their physicians. Vitamin A Palmitate Oil works in several body organ systems including the immune system and the nervous system. Recently, it was even found to improve reproductive health.

What are the benefits of using Vitamin A Palmitate Oil?

The following are among the specific benefits of using Vitamin A Palmitate Oil:

  • It may improve wound healing rate

It has become of interest among health experts that Vitamin A Palmitate Oil may have effects in improving wound healing rate when applied on the skin. Experts are still conducting studies whether same effects may be observed in internal wounds.

  • It may be used against acne

Acne control is also one of the benefits of using Vitamin A Palmitate Oil supplements. Hence, experts claim that Vitamin A Palmitate Oil may be useful in controlling microbial growth in the human body. It is not fully established, however, if Vitamin A Palmitate Oil may work as an antibiotic drug.

  • It works as an antioxidant

Vitamin A Palmitate Oil is also classified as an antioxidant. Hence, it may be useful in cleansing body cells and preventing damage brought about by free radicals or toxic compounds. It may also play roles in cancer prevention.


Health experts in the modern generation highly recommend the inclusion of Vitamin A Palmitate Oil in supplement products as it provides various benefits to the human body. However, excessive doses of the compound may also be dangerous to health.

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