Vitamin D3: A Possible Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3: A Possible Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases

The key to effective calcium and phosphorus absorption is the adequacy of Vitamin D levels in the human body. While some people say that Vitamin D3 can be taken from food sources, studies show that foods including sardines and tuna only yield very little amounts of the nutrient, insufficient to meet the body’s daily needs. Exposure to healthy sunlight is also necessary to activate Vitamin D into the human body and allow it to foster absorption of other nutrients. Individuals who suffer from Vitamin D3 deficiency usually develop conditions associated with weakened bones and muscles. Although not yet fully proven, scientists have also found that deficiency of the vitamin can result to weakened blood vessels which eventually lead to increased risk for aneurism and hemorrhage. Supplementing Vitamin D3 through formulated dietary supplements is thus advisable to prevent risks.

What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is a component of the essential musculoskeletal nutrient Vitamin D. It is soluble in fat and is typically supplemented through dietary supplements. Medical science has long established uses of the nutrient in the human body which includes regulation and absorption of other minerals and the enhancement of body structure through musculoskeletal support. Experts highly recommend sufficient exposure to sunlight as it is said to be the source of Vitamin D3 but in more recent studies, it was found that sunlight exposure only works to activate available Vitamin D in the human body. Although deficiency is risky, studies have also shown that excessive Vitamin D3 can result to serious health conditions which must also be prevented.

Health benefits of using Vitamin D3

Specific health uses of Vitamin D3 supplementation may vary depending on dose. The following are some of the known important benefits of using Vitamin D3:

  1. It helps prevent osteoporosis

The development of osteoporosis is associated with various factors including hormonal predisposition and mineral deficiencies. Vitamin D3 plays a role in preventing osteoporosis by increasing calcium and phosphorus levels in the bones, thereby preventing bone demineralization. Women who are approaching the elderly age are advised to take Vitamin D3 supplements to reduce risks for developing osteoporosis.

  1. It helps regulate parathyroid hormone levels

Parathyroid hormones are necessary for the bone structure regulation. Studies show that Vitamin D3 is also necessary to maintain adequate levels of parathyroid hormones as it helps regulate calcium levels in the blood. There are many other functions of parathyroid hormones which are not yet fully established, including metabolism actions.

  1. It boosts immune system function

The active role of Vitamin D3 in enhancing immunity is currently under study following quantitative studies showing that the vitamin is necessary for immune system activation. Individuals with autoimmune conditions are also advised to take Vitamin D3 supplements.


The essential functions of Vitamin D3 in the human body are yet to be established, although some of the processes affected by the nutrient are already known. It is advisable for adults, especially women, to take adequate levels of Vitamin D3 to prevent bone-associated conditions.

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