Vitamin K2 Powder: The Next Potential Ingredient For Bone

vitamin k2 powder

Vitamin K Family Overview

Vitamin K has three types for different functions.

Vitamin K1 Phylloquinone

This type is mainly beneficial for blood coagulation. Vitamin K1 powder is sourced from greens. Its CAS number is 84-80-0. Phylloquinone’s chemical structure is C31H46O2, with a molecular weight of 450.7 g/mol.

Vitamin K2 Menaquinones-4

It always applies to bone and heart health area. MK-4 powder is sourced from cheese, goose liver, etc. The CAS number is 863-61-6. The chemical structure of Menaquinones-4 is C6C25H40O2, and its molecular weight is 450.60 g/mol.

Vitamin K2 Menaquinones-7

Menaquinones-7 is also as good for bone and heart health as MK-4. Its CAS number is 2124-57-4. The chemical structure is C46H64O2, and its molecular weight is 649.0 g/mol. Menaquinones 7 is sourced from natto. It must be stored in a cool, dark, airtight, and original package. The shelf life of this ingredient is around 24 months with the original package.

What Are Vitamin K2 Benefits?

  • It can improve bone density and scientifically lead calcium into bone.
  • It can prevent angiosteosis.
  • It can protect blood vessels.

Vitamin K2 Forms And Recommended Dosage

This ingredient can be customized into various forms, such as soft capsules, capsules, tablets, gummies, prepared milk powder, etc.

According to Health and Family Planning Commission Announcement No.8 in 2016, the usage of Vitamin K2 in prepared milk powder (only for children) is 420-750μg/kg. If it is for pregnant and lying women, the Vitamin K2 dosage is 340-680μg/kg.

According to Health Food Raw Materials Catalog Nutrient Supplement (2020), the recommended dosage in filling health foods like Vitamin K2 supplements is up to different ages.

  • 4-6 ages: 10-60μg/kg
  • 7-10 ages: 10-70μg/kg
  • 11-13 ages:15-90μg/kg
  • 14-17 ages:15-100μg/kg
  • Adults (more than 18 years of age): 15-100μg/kg
  • Pregnant woman: 15-100μg/kg
  • Wet nurse: 15-100μg/kg

Is K2 Menaquinone 7 Safe?

The answer is yes!

Vitamin K2 menaquinone 7 is very safe as a food additive.

  1. 2000 mg/kg/day orally, no poisoning symptoms.
  2. The rats were fed MK-7 for 90 days, and the biochemical, blood, urine parameters, and histopathological analysis proved its safety.
  3. Genetic toxicity and mutagenicity of the Salmonella typhoid strain showed that this ingredient had cell safety and non-mutagenicity.

No adverse effects after taking vitamin K2 MK-7.

  • The potential toxicity of vitamin K (K1 and K2) is very low.
  • The American Food and Nutrition Commission FNB has not established the maximum tolerable intake of vitamin K2.
  • FNB pointed out that “no adverse effects have been reported in humans or animals after taking vitamin K2 from food or supplements.”

Taking vitamin K2 (MK-7) dietary supplements does not pose a serious event risk to personal or public health.

In 2017, the United States Pharmacopoeia Committee and reputable review agencies (such as the European Food Safety Agency, the British Vitamin and Mineral Expert Group, the National Academy of Sciences, and the World Health Organization) reviewed the clinical and nonclinical research data related to MK-7 in recent years and reached conclusions.

Influencing Factors Of Vitamin K2 Stability

  • Light

The production and storage process of VK2 shall be as dark as possible because K2 is sensitive to light. The main attention is to avoid light as much as possible during weighing and production, or it is recommended to use a pink light source with a longer wavelength in the operation room to reduce the photodegradation of K2.

  • Vitamin K2 Formula
  1. VK2 and some minerals will degrade in the tablets after being pressed, and magnesium oxide and calcium citrate are the most serious ones.
  2. Calcium carbonate can be recommended when designing the formula for calcium DK tablets.
  3. Magnesium (especially magnesium oxide) should be avoided in the formula design of multi-vitamin-mineral tablets.

Menaquinone 7 Production Process

  1. Green extraction process, no solvent residue
  2. High-purity crystal preparation, high product purity
  3. Efficient production capacity and fast and stable supply


With the discovery of more vitamin K2, especially Menaquinone 7, health evidence, and the transformation and application of products, the global vitamin K2 industry is in a stage of rapid development. Nutri Avenue finds this trend and offers Vitamin K2 powder in high purity and fermentation process. Any interested in it, welcome to contact us.


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