Weeping Forsythia extract: Useful for Inflammation Control

Forsythia extract

Weeping Forsythia extract: Useful for Inflammation Control

Inflammation is one of the most common responses of the human body which, when aggravated, can result to various risks, and at times, may also cause death. There are several anti-inflammatory medications which have been formulated over the years in order to suppress inflammation whenever in occurs. Although many of these medicines are proven effective, there are many others which are shown to cause damages to the kidneys, the liver, and other organs of the human body when taken for long periods of time. For this reason, many individuals who are suffering from disorders affecting other organs of the gastrointestinal tract and the urinary tract have resorted to the use of natural inflammation control methods such as the use of alternative medicines. Weeping Forsythia extract is among the most common anti-inflammatory alternative medicine herbs which are currently being used in the formulation of modern-day health supplements. Although there are no concrete evidences that the compounds in the extract really works, quantitative researches show that it may have potential effects.

What is Weeping Forsythia extract?

For thousands of years, traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine has adopted the use of Weeping Forsythia extract in the enhancement of overall health and wellness. The many parts of the plant have been subjected to various methods of extraction in the early days in order to formulate medicines. Modern studies reveal that Weeping Forsythia extract is very useful in the prevention of fever brought about by inflammatory processes of the human body. This finding confirms the claim that in the early days, Weeping Forsythia extract has been used as an antipyretic agent. In another study, it was found that Weeping Forsythia extract has certain effects in reducing pain secondary to inflammation. Many other studies are currently being conducted to prove health claims associated with the use of Weeping Forsythia extract.

What are the benefits of using Weeping Forsythia extract?

The following are some of the health benefits of using Weeping Forsythia extract within recommended doses:

  1. It prevents skin inflammatory conditions

Several conditions of the skin involve excessive responses of the immune system resulting to inflammation. In many studies, it was established that Weeping Forsythia extract may have effects in preventing skin inflammatory conditions, although it does not exactly cure the underlying condition.

  1. It may control inflammation of lung passages

Inflammation of the lung passages can result to serious medical conditions as it affects breathing and overall oxygenation. Experts say that the use of Weeping Forsythia extract health supplements may help control this type of inflammatory process, thereby preventing its serious health effects.

  1. It may have effects in cancer control

One of the interesting things over Weeping Forsythia extract which is currently the subject of modern health studies is the claim that the extract may have effects in cancer control. Some studies show that the claim may have sufficient foundation, but the same is not yet fully proven.


Weeping Forsythia extract is beneficial for health and wellness. However, it should not be taken in excessive doses.

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