Weight Loss Agent; No Rebound Effects: Rasberry Ketone

Rasberry Ketone

Weight Loss Agent; No Rebound Effects: Rasberry Ketone

The rise in popularity of one of today’s proven safe and effective weight loss supplement components Raspberry Ketone began when it was introduced as a miracle fat burner in the well-known health television show of Dr. Oz in February of 2012. With the rapid increase of demand for the compound as well as the development of weight loss products containing Raspberry Ketones, medical experts have endeavoured to complete clinical studies to determine whether the compound is indeed safe and effective or just hype. It was then discovered that molecular structure of the compound has resemblances with the forms of capsaicin and synephrine which are essentially useful for boosting metabolism.

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketone is among the many essential molecules found in red raspberries. In the recent years, however, scientists found that the compound also exists in other fruits and food sources which include peaches, grapes, apples and kiwi. There is no clear understanding to date as to how Raspberry ketone exactly works in weight control and obesity treatment but with the numerous animal-subject studies published in locally and internationally-acclaimed health magazines; the use of the compound for fat-burning purposes is now widely accepted.

Health benefits of Raspberry Ketone

The weight loss effects of Raspberry Ketone can lead to several other direct health effects which may be very beneficial especially among individuals who have developed lifestyle-associated diseases. The following are some of the health benefits of using Raspberry Ketone:

  • It may promote lean muscle development

Following weight loss through increase of adinopectin, a hormone which stimulates metabolism, studies show that lean muscles grow and develop among users with the reduction adipose fat tissues. Bodybuilders and athletes who are seeking to lose weight and develop lean muscles are commonly advised by experts to take Raspberry Ketone supplements.

  • It may prevent development of lifestyle-associated disorders

Lifestyle-associated disorders which include diseases brought about by excessive accumulation of fat molecules in blood vessels, adipose tissues and key receptors of the cells are shown to be prevented with Raspberry Ketone supplementation. Aside from burning fats in the subcutaneous layers of the body, the compound is also shown to promote metabolism of fats in the blood vessels and body cells, thus preventing lifestyle-associated disorders from developing.

  • It may improve liver health

One of the organs directly linked with metabolism and the fat-burning process is the liver. By enhancing cholesterol breakdown and eliminating fat molecules in the body, Raspberry Ketone is also claimed in several studies as a potential element for liver health improvement.


Overdose of Raspberry Ketone compound may result to several symptoms associated with stimulants which include increase in blood pressure and jitteriness. In order to lose weight without danger, experts say that the compound must be taken only within recommended doses.

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