White peony root: An Herbal Medicine for Fertility

White peony root

White peony root: An Herbal Medicine for Fertility

As gentle as it does when it soothes stomach pain, experts have found that the health supplement ingredient White peony root is also very tender when it comes to preventing progression of hardening of arteries or a condition known as arteriosclerosis. With the many health effects of using White peony root in health supplement products, many individuals have considered its use in order to promote wellness in many ways. Although there are a lot of claims associated with the use of the supplement ingredient, there are limited qualitative researches providing foundational evidence. Quantitative studies which confirm findings are, however, believed to be sufficient to establish claims that White peony root supplementation may help improve health and wellness.

What is White peony root?

White peony root is among the most common herbs used in the treatment of various disorders in the traditional Chinese medicine era. The plant itself has a beautiful flower which has made it admirable throughout the world. However, many practitioners of traditional medicine say that the real beauty of the herb is found in its roots where nutrients and essential compounds are found. Typically, White peony root is combined with other beneficial herbs in order to formulate useful concoctions which affect not only the digestive system but other organ systems of the body as well. In the recent study conducted, it was found that White peony root can be very useful in the treatment of insomnia, a health condition which affects a great proportion of the population. It may also treat other conditions affecting the immune system. Despite its many beneficial uses, experts emphasize that White peony root must be used only within recommended doses.

What are the benefits of using White peony root?

Healthy intake of supplements with White peony root provided various benefits which include the following:

  • It may address fertility issues

Infertility often occurs among men and women due to many predisposing factors to which one is exposed to. According to health studies, White peony root supplementation may be useful in preventing infertility in both sexes. However, genetically-occurring infertility issues may not be resolved with White peony root supplementation alone.

  • It eases muscle cramping and spasms

There are compounds found in White peony root which are also shown to help ease out muscle cramping and spasms. Typically, however, White peony root is combined with other herbal supplement ingredients to provide this benefit.

  • It helps improve liver function

A dysfunctional liver secondary to various factors may result to changes in overall body reactions as the organ plays a vital role in detoxification, as well as in food breakdown. Experts say that White peony root supplementation may improve liver function and help prevent complications of its dysfunction.


The use of White peony root in health supplement products is advisable for supplement formulations indicated for both men and women. However, it must be taken only within recommended doses.

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