Wild jujube seed extract: An Anti-anxiety Agent

Wild jujube seed extract

Wild jujube seed extract: An Anti-anxiety Agent

The use of specific medicinal herbs has developed in certain regions across the world as these herbs usually grow only under environmental conditions unique to given areas. There are, however, certain species of beneficial herbs which have become useful in alternative medicine practices in various areas across the world as they grow in whatever set of environmental circumstances. One of the most common herbs which grow both in the eastern and western hemisphere and thus development as an alternative medicinal treatment in different practices is Wild jujube. Because it is recognized as a potential health enhancer in several traditional fields of medicine, many researchers have already conducted studies on Wild jujube seeds to prove claims associated with its use. Manufacturers of health supplements also use Wild jujube seed extract in their formulations as it enhances wellness in many ways.

What is Wild jujube seed extract?

Packed with nutrients including saponins, Vitamin A and C, and minerals like phosphorus and calcium, Wild jujube seed extract has become one of the most recommended health supplement ingredients in the modern generation. Most researches on the supplement ingredient are focused on determining its exact effects in treating anxiety as its saponin content has been observed to effectively relieve anxiety and promote relaxation of brain cells. As a direct effect, Wild jujube seed extract is believed as well to prevent dangerous effects of stress in the body which include difficulty in sleeping and fatigue. Since Wild jujube seed extract contains many nutritional compounds, it is said to be very beneficial to all adults for health promotion.

What are the benefits of using Wild jujube seed extract?

Many individuals take Wild jujube seed extract for its claimed anti-anxiety and anti-fatigue effects but it is observed to contribute to wellness in many other ways. The following are among the other health benefits of using Wild jujube seed extract:

  • It may resolve circulation issues

Phytochemical researches also show that Wild jujube seed extract contains high amounts of iron which is necessary for effective circulation. Long term use of the extract may help relieve anemia and other health conditions associated with iron deficiency.

  • It may promote weight loss

Recent findings on Wild jujube seed extract supplementation reveals that it may also promote weight loss among obese and overweight individuals. This is because it contains high amounts of fiber.

  • It may relieve digestive problems

Individuals who take Wild jujube seed extract supplements have also reported improvement in their digestive tract function. The use of the extract reduces risk for diarrhea and constipation.


Researchers are currently exploring on the effects of Wild jujube seed extract in treating cancer and preventing metastasis. It is also currently being studied upon for its effects in blood detoxification.

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