Wild Yam: The Estrogen Therapy Alternative Solution

Wild Yam

Wild Yam: The Estrogen Therapy Alternative Solution

There are many reasons why women of advanced age are recommended to take estrogen replacements after the production of the said hormone in the body has subsided or has completely stopped. Aside from vaginal dryness, muscle pains and other symptoms which arise due to lack of the hormone, experts have also found that lack of estrogen in elderly women may increase risks for development of various reproductive system conditions. One of the most common alternative medicines for estrogen therapy which is long-recognized is “Diosgenin” which is found in Wild Yam. Although it is believed that the use of Wild Yam in health supplement formulations is beneficial for individual users as it provides other health benefits, experts say that it should not be taken within excessive doses as it may produce unhealthy effects.

What is Wild Yam?

Wild Yam is a common ingredient in supplement products which is said to be among the primary source of the chemical “Diosgenin”. There are many varieties and species of wild yam which contains different levels of compounds useful for health supplementation. There are, however, only a few varieties which are edible to humans as most of the species are of a bitter taste. A lot of studies have been conducted on Wild Yam and its effects to individual health. It is widely used in estrogen replacement therapy, as well as in reducing the manifestations of the condition to elderly women. In one study, it was also found that the intake of Wild Yam supplements may have effects on men, especially in improving their sexual drive. Wild Yam is recommended for intake among adults and elderly men and women.

What are the benefits of using Wild Yam?

Other benefits of using supplements with relative amounts of Wild Yam include the following:

  • It may help control osteoporosis

The health condition osteroporosis is commonly experienced by women of the advanced age due to significant reduction in their hormonal production. Studies show that by helping regulate estrogen amounts, Wild Yam may be useful in the control of the condition.

  • It may promote breast enlargement

The development of secondary sex characteristics among women such as breast enlargement depends on play of hormones in the body. Experts say that an increase in estrogen levels through Wild Yam supplementation may increase chances of breast enlargement.

  • It helps in premenstrual symptoms control

Pre-menstrual symptoms are often experienced when hormonal levels rapidly increase and decrease during the pre-menstrual stage. The use of Wild Yam supplements during this period may help control rapid changes in hormonal levels, thereby preventing pre-menstrual symptoms.


Wild Yam supplementation is ideal for women who are experiencing severe manifestations of hormonal imbalances, as well as the elderly. It must always be taken within recommended doses only.

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