WST-8: The Safest Colorimetric Assay


WST-8: The Safest Colorimetric Assay

While astronomers explore the vastness of the great universe, scientists in the biggest laboratories of the world are studying the smallest structures in the human body, the cell, to determine its replication, proliferation and apoptosis activities. Advanced clinical study methods have now allowed experts to look directly into the manner on how cell activities take place from its development from the DNA level to its ultimate death. In the course of these studies, experts have also found certain compounds which can help support cells throughout their development and among these substances are WSTs or Water-Soluble Tetrazolium salts. There are several advantages of using Water-Soluble Tetrazolium salts, as compared to other colorimetric assay tests, as provided in certain studies but to date, the substance is still under strict laboratory observation.

What is WST-8?

Water-Soluble Tetrazolium salts are classified based on chemical structures into several kinds. The most popular kind is known as WST-8. Experts say that WST-8 can be very helpful in supporting clinical studies for cell activities as it does not cause damage before it enters the cell membrane. Unlike other MTT assay types, WST-8 is commonly reduced outside the cells, decreasing its toxicity. By effectively helping scientists look into cell activities without causing risks to human subjects, WST-8 is believed to pave the way for the development of treatment for cancer and other cell growth-associated conditions.

Uses of WST-8

The exact effects of WST-8 is the individual cell groups of the body are not generally understood but there is a claim in the field of cytology that it may have potential effects in the growth and death of somatic cells. The subjects in assay tests are using WST-8 are mostly human cells in microscope slides as actual test on living humans are still under controversies involving safety. Some of the uses of WST-8 in health science include the following:

  • It plays a role in DNA replication

Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA carries genetic instructions affecting growth, development and activities of all body cells. Problems with DNA replication and control can lead to several disorders such as cancers. Studies show that WST-8, through unknown pharmacodynamic patterns, may play some roles in DNA replication to support overall body function.

  • It may prevent Autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder, as explained in one study, may be associated with problems in the DNA and genetic structure of a child. Although it is believed to be hereditary and incurable, experts say that WST-8 introduction in assay tests may help change genetic course and prevent the disorder.

  • It may enhance intellectual capabilities

The most important claim which makes WST-8 interesting is the potential fact that it may enhance intellectual capabilities among children through certain genetic modifications. This claim is subject, however, to in-depth clinical researches.


Very little is known on WST-8 but its discovery is indeed a great step into finding the treatment for cancer and other cellular diseases.

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