Yeast Cell Wall : Prebiotic Ingredient for Supplements

Yeast Cell Wall

Yeast Cell Wall : Prebiotic Ingredient for Supplements

For decades now, experts have been conducting health studies to fully understand how the health supplement ingredient Yeast Cell Wall may help improve responses of the immune system and promote rates of healing in the human body. This is following a finding in a quantitative research that the introduction of the health supplement ingredient may effectively provide the said benefit among animal subjects. In one study, it was suggested that the healing capacities of Yeast Cell Wall may be associated with its ability to improve production of White Blood cells in the blood and to improve their structure, thereby making them less vulnerable to invading microorganisms which cause symptoms of infections like fever, redness in a body area, and others. Despite these health claims, however, experts are still conducting further researches of qualitative type to establish claims on humans.

What is Yeast Cell Wall?

Yeast Cell Wall is a very common pre-biotic ingredient. Along with other prebiotic components of heath supplement products, it helps improve overall immunity responses and improve the body’s ability to fight off infections. Initially, Yeast Cell Wall was used only in the enhancement of health and wellness among animal subjects. With the advent of clinical researches, however, some scientists suggested that it may be used in human health supplement products. Yeast Cell Wall supplementation, although claimed to be beneficial, must not be used in excessive doses as it may have negative effects on some other organ systems of the body. It may also cause adverse effects when used in high doses. Yeast Cell Wall must be taken within recommended doses and with physician’s prescription among younger individuals and those who are suffering from certain autoimmune conditions.

What are the benefits of using Yeast Cell Wall?

According to health studies, healthy supplementation of Yeast Cell Wall may provide the following health benefits:

  1. It improves digestive micro-flora health proliferation

Microorganisms in the digestive tract must grow within healthy levels in order for it to promote digestion and breakdown of food products. In various health studies, experts have found that Yeast Cell Wall supplementation may effectively improve micro-flora growth in the gut.

  1. It may help improve stool elimination

Improved intestinal function through micro-flora growth may effectively result to the healthy elimination of stool in the large intestines. This means that it may help treat out constipation, unless the same is brought about by underlying conditions such as paralytic ileus.

  1. It increases cellular healing rate

As a pre-biotic ingredient, Yeast Cell Wall is also known to have effects in increasing healing rate of cells. Experts believe that Yeast Cell Wall supplementation may effectively prevent development of health conditions and control invading infections.


There are several ways on how Yeast Cell Wall is believed to help improve individual health. However, it must be used only within recommended doses, especially among high risk individuals.

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