Yohimbine HCL: Fascinating Truth that Comes from a Tree

Yohimbine HCL

Yohimbine HCL: Fascinating Truth that Comes from a Tree

What is Yohimbine?

Are you looking for a supplement which comes from nature? Are you worried about where the supplements come from or how are they made? Or, maybe you are a person who wants to stay natural even in the supplements or medicines you are taking, then you are on the right page! I will be talking about a supplement which comes from a tree, yohimbine! Yohimbine is a chemical that is present in an evergreen tree called Yohimbe. Yohimbe is called an evergreen tree because it is always green no matter what the season is, the tree can be 90 feet tall and it grows in Central Africa. Moreover, yohimbine is also used by Africans to cure several illnesses hundreds of years ago. As years passed by, people from all over the world already use Yohimbine as a supplement.


We must dig deeper on this supplement for you to know if you need it or somebody else in your family needs it. What is Yohimbine? What can it do and the side effects a person may experience when a person take Yohimbine supplements. As I’ve mentioned, it comes from a tree, Yohimbe but the whole tree does not contain Yohimbine. Actually, the yohimbe bark is the thing which has yohimbine. Yohimbe bark is extracted so the chemical Yohimbine will come out. Yohimbe extract will then be processed to produce tangible products such as yohimbe tablets and capsules and also yohimbe powder. It does not only give away tangible products but it can also give liquid ones just like yohimbe tea.   From these outcomes, yohimbe could be taken through different ways. For the yohimbe tablets and capsules, you can just swallow it. For the powdered Yohimbe, you can place it under your mouth or you can sniff it. In some cases, you can also take the yohimbe bark extract as a tea just like the Africans do. The way you take it depends on the mode your body wants to or the way suggested by your physician. When taking Yohimbine supplements, you must follow the exact amount to avoid overdosing and other unwanted results.

There are also benefits that yohimbe can give. Yohimbine is noted to give several benefits in the human body especially in improving sexual relationships and also in healing several common sexual disorders. In addition to this, Yohimbine is also given by doctors to treat impotence. Yohimbine could also aid people who want to lose weight and it is promoted as an anti-depressant. Yohimbine is also used in athletic performances especially to athletes who badly need to reduce their weight because of a match. These are just some of the benefits of Yohimbe if you are going to take it as a supplement; this means that Yohimbin is also good in body building. You might be wondering about the safety of yohimbe supplements, this is one of the most important things a person must consider when buying supplements. Yohimbe supplements are always safe if it is taken with caution and of course enough knowledge. Yohimbine is never safe for children and Yohimbin endangers women who are pregnant or breast feeding. In addition, it is not recommended for people who are under medication especially when the medicine does not match with yohimbine supplements. Yohimbine supplements are not good for the elderly because of side effects old people may not take.  If you don’t have sufficient knowledge about yohimbe supplements, you must consult your physician first before taking it. You have to be extra cautious; never attempt to have an experiment on yohimbe. The next thing we have to talk about is the amount a person should take in a day. What is the recommended dosage of yohimbine a person must take in a day? The recommended dosage is 15-30 milligrams a day.  When you are using Yohimbine supplements, just take what is recommended or suggested by your physician, you should not take more than what is recommended because overdosing may cause unwanted and worst result, death.

What is the side effects of Yohimbine supplements? 

When taking yohimbine supplement, you might experience the following: very fast heartbeat, sleep problems, dizziness, nausea, skin rashes, disturbance, high blood pressure, stomachache, swelling, headache and frequent urination. These are the side effects of yohimbine when taken with the recommended dosage. These side effects are normal; there is nothing to worry about.  When a person takes too much yohimbine, as I have said earlier it may cause serious results such as difficulty in breathing, heart problems, kidney problems, very low blood pressure and also death. If you experience some of these serious side effects, it means that you took too much Yohimbine; you should go to your physician immediately. For people who are going to use Yohimbine supplements for the first time, you should start taking it in minimal doses. You check whether your body could take the dosage and increase your Yohimbine dosage only when you think that your body can handle it.

Yohimbine supplements undoubtedly give you countless benefits if you are going to take it with caution and discipline.  The side effects as well as the benefits of Yohimbine are facts, these are not invented, thus it is strongly suggest that a person who is using or who will use Yohimbine supplements should follow the given instructions and dosage to avoid unwanted results.  I should say it again; you must follow the instructions given to you on how you are going to take it and how much Yohimbine do you need. Yohimbine is a strong supplement; it gives you benefits as well as dangers if you will not use it properly. When a supplement is strong it doesn’t mean that the more you take, the more you are going to experience the benefits. You are completely wrong, if you are going to take the right dosage of Yohimbin, the more you will enjoy the benefits that it provides your body. As I always remind you consult your physician before taking any supplement or when you have a plan of taking yohimbine supplements. Moreover, if you are not sure when to take it, or how to take it especially when you are under medication due to other illnesses. It is better to be cautious than to experience unwanted side effects and unwanted results.

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