Zinc Citrate: An Essential Mineral for Post-Partum Depression and HIV

Zinc Citrate

Zinc Citrate: An Essential Mineral for Post-Partum Depression and HIV

Minerals play vital roles in the human body which, although minute and not noticeable, eventually appears to be very important. In various health studies, it has been established that the compound Zinc is among the most important elements when it comes to enhancing bodily processes such as disease prevention and infection control. With this, experts have developed Zinc-based compounds used in the formulation of supplement products such as Zinc Citrate. In many modern formulations of supplement compounds Zinc Citrate is often included as it is packed with various health benefits which can help both healthy and unhealthy individuals. For purposes of supplementation, however, Zinc Citrate must be taken only within doses recommended by experts and physicians. It must not be taken in excessive doses as it may pose side effects which may be severe among some individuals. At present, studies are being conducted to discover more on the claimed health benefits of using Zinc Citrate.

What is Zinc Citrate?

Zinc Citrate is a compound used in modern-day health supplement formulations. Since Zinc is not produced naturally by the body, it is necessarily supplemented with food. Lack of zinc has long been associated with various health conditions including infertility secondary to inability of the testicles and the ovaries to function property, lack of appetite and even stunted growth. Zinc Citrate supplementation is believed to help improve organ system health, primarily in the digestive tract and the organs of immunity. According to experts, a daily dose of Zinc Citrate increases overall immunity and helps prevent development of cough and colds, flu and other infection-associated illnesses. It is not proven, however, if Zinc Citrate may have effects in auto-immune conditions or those which are associated with excessive or over-reactive immune system functions.

What are the benefits of using Zinc Citrate?

Taking Zinc Citrate supplements may provide health benefits which include the following:

  1. It may improve rates of wound healing

The compound Zinc plays a very important role in wound healing processes in the human body. According to experts, Zinc Citrate supplementation may be helpful in increasing wound healing rates and preventing potential infections associated with slow wound healing. It may not, however, necessarily work in slow wound healing cases among Diabetic patients.

  1. It may work against HIV

HIV or AIDS is a sexually-transmitted condition which is affecting a great proportion of the modern day population. As an essential mineral in immunity enhancement and infection control, experts believe that Zinc Citrate may work against HIV and may be used in controlling symptoms of the condition.

  1. It may help prevent post-partum depression

Post-partum depression is a condition affecting women in the post-delivery stage. The exact cause of the illness is unknown but some experts say that it may be associated with hormonal imbalances. By balancing hormones, it is believed that Zinc Citrate may be useful in preventing the condition.


Zinc Citrate is a very powerful Zinc-based compound for daily health supplements. It is beneficial for both men and women.

Short description

Zinc Citrate is a health supplement product used in the enhancement of various bodily processes and in the prevention of many conditions. According to experts, it may be used in improving wound healing rate, as well as in preventing post-partum depression among women. It may also control HIV.

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