Zinc glycinate: The Solution for Joint Inflammatory Conditions

Zinc glycinate

Zinc glycinate: The Solution for Joint Inflammatory Conditions

Dietary management for osteoarthritis and other joint-associated conditions is among the most effective treatment options which has worked in helping patients endure arthritic pain for decades. In the treatment of osteoarthritis, the inclusion of a common health supplement compound known as Zinc glycinate in diet is said to be beneficial as the compound effectively prevents manifestation of signs and symptoms of the condition. Today, studies are being conducted by experts all over the world to discover the potential effects of Zinc glycinate supplementation in treating other pain-associated diseases through symptomatic approach. Although it is shown to be beneficial, the use of Zinc glycinate should not be abused. The compound must be taken only within doses recommended by experts and physicians to avoid debilitating effects of compound overdose.

What is Zinc glycinate?

The compound Zinc glycinate is a common ingredient in supplement products for patients with osteoarthritis. According to studies, the compound is very effective in reducing pain, swelling and joint discomfort secondary to exacerbation of osteoarthritis. It is also said that Zinc glycinate may work in other arthritic pain conditions. Because of its effects in anti-inflammatory control, researchers are finding out whether the compound may also be used in other inflammation conditions such as those associated with inflammation of the internal organs. In one study, it was likewise found that Zinc glycinate may effectively improve wound healing rates, making it an effective tool among patients who have just undergone surgical procedures with incisions. For this purpose, however, a recommendation by physician is required so as to prevent occurrences of complications.

What are the benefits of using Zinc glycinate?

The use of the health supplement ingredient Zinc glycinate may provide various health benefits, as shown in quantitative researches. The following are among the health benefits of using the compound:

  1. It may prevent cancer

One of the latest findings in medical research about Zinc glycinate is that it may have effects in preventing cancer. The medical pathway on Zinc glycinate use for cancer control is not yet fully established by many experts say that it may be associated with its free radical-scavenging effects. This finding is still subject to confirmation.

  1. It may improve hormonal balance

It is very common among modern-day individuals to experience hormonal imbalances due to various factors including stress. According to researches, Zinc glycinate may also help in regulating hormonal balance, thereby preventing risky effects of hormonal imbalances, especially among women. It is not clear, however, how Zinc glycinate specifically maintains hormonal balance.

  1. It may boost energy

Zinc glycinate supplementation may also increase energy levels and prevent long-term exhaustion experienced by the modern day working individuals. This is the reason why multivitamins contain relative amounts of Zinc glycinate.


Zinc glycinate may be taken by individuals of all ages. However, it must be taken in recommended doses only.

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Zinc glycinate supplementation is one of the most effective ways to treat osteoarthritis and other joint inflammatory conditions. The compound is also useful in preventing long-term exhaustion, as well as in improving hormonal balance. It is also claimed that Zinc glycinate may help prevent cancer.

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