Zinc L-Carnosine: A Carnosine Derivative for Healthy Digestion

Zinc L-Carnosine

Zinc L-Carnosine: A Carnosine Derivative for Healthy Digestion

As individual elements, Zinc and L-Carnosine are known to promote and regulate certain processes in the human body. These functions include metabolic responses, cellular growth and development, and wound healing process. In 1994, experts discovered that a combination of the compounds Zinc and L-Carnosine results to Zinc L-Carnosine which is a useful compound for treatment of gastrointestinal conditions. Many manufacturers of medications for gastric ulcer have included the compound Zinc L-Carnosine in their formulations following quantitative findings that the compound may improve ulceration healing and protect the gastric lining. The combination of the two compounds is also effective, according to experts, as it provides long-term effects in the gastrointestinal tract as compared to taking them individually.

What is Zinc L-Carnosine?

Zinc L-Carnosine is an artificially chelated compound of the essential mineral Zinc and L-Carnosine. It is primarily claimed as a mucosal lining protective agent and is used in certain regions across the world for that purpose. It is also believed to have potential scavenging effects not only in the gastrointestinal tract but also in other cells of the human body. The compound, although discovered and studied upon since 1994, is a relatively new ingredient in many modern health supplements. Although highly recommended for use as it is said to provide a wide range of health benefits, experts say that the compound must be taken with caution among high-risk individuals as it can cause certain side effects. Overdose must also be prevented to avoid potentially-risky adverse reactions.

Health benefits of using Zinc L-Carnosine

Aside from maintaining gastric mucosal balance or homeostasis, Zinc L-Carnosine also possesses certain health benefits, making it an ideal ingredient for everyday health supplements. The following are some of the claimed benefits of taking Zinc L-Carnosine supplements:

  • It may help prevent cancers

Studies on the effects of Zinc L-Carnosine in possibly preventing gastrointestinal cancers has been initiated for decades and so far, experts have found, based on quantitative data, that the compound may indeed be effective.  Researchers are also currently looking into the potential scavenging effects of Zinc L-Carnosine in other body cells, thereby potentially preventing other types of abnormal cell growth.

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties

Zinc is a well-known mineral necessary for the enhancement of the body’s natural inflammatory responses. When combined with L-Carnosine, experts say that the effects of the compound may be synergized, leading to effective anti-inflammatory responses and faster wound healing rate.

  1. It helps protect body organs

Oxidative stress in body cells brought about by accumulation of toxic compounds can lead to damage and rapid deterioration. In certain studies, researchers have found that Zinc L-Carnosine may help eliminate toxic chemicals in cells, thereby protecting organs from oxidative damage.


Health supplements containing Zinc L-Carnosine are indicated for adults who are at risk for developing ulcers and gastrointestinal conditions. It is safe for use but can be toxic in very high doses.

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