Zinc lactate: The Zinc Supplement for Bone Loss Control

Zinc lactate

Zinc lactate: The Zinc Supplement for Bone Loss Control

As a significant antioxidant compound, it is believed that Zinc must be supplemented in diet through intake of Zinc-rich food products or through the intake of health supplement products with relative amounts of Zinc. One of the most common forms of Zinc-enriched food supplement ingredients is Zinc lactate. The compound is very effective in providing benefits associated with the mineral Zinc. It is likewise preferred among manufacturers of health supplement products as it is cost-effective and readily available in the market. Although it is quite advantageous to use Zinc lactate in supplement formulations, as well as among individual users, experts say that the compound must not be taken in high doses, unless prescribed for by physicians. The compound must not as well be taken by persons who are suffering from certain underlying conditions except if recommended by their physicians and no drug interaction is expected to occur.

What is Zinc lactate?

The compound Zinc lactate is a Zinc-enriched lactate salt that has become a popular component of various health supplement products. It is said to provide benefits associated with use of Zinc. Hence, Zinc lactate supplementation may be quite beneficial among persons who are suffering from weak immunity and disease resistance due to ongoing diagnosed illness or any other contributory factor. Zinc lactate may also have potential effects in enhancing rates of wound healing not only in post-traumatic cases but also among patients who have just undergone invasive procedures. Experts say that the use of Zinc lactate may improve health and wellness in several different ways. Although quite recommended for use among adults, Zinc lactate must not be used by very young children unless they are diagnosed with Zinc deficiency or are suffering from conditions which require doses of Zinc for treatment.

What are the benefits of using Zinc lactate?

The compound Zinc lactate is beneficial among both men and women as it provides various health benefits. In several studies, it was found to have effects in protecting heart muscles, as well as in promoting weight loss among obese individuals. It may also help prevent bone loss. Zinc lactate supplementation provides many benefits which include the following:

  1. It helps protect the heart

The heart is a vital body organ which, when dysfunctional, affects the entire organism. According to studies, oxidative stress in heart muscles decreases its ability to function. Hence, the intake of the health supplement ingredient Zinc lactate may be beneficial in protecting the heart as it reduces oxidative stress in body muscles.

  1. It might improve weight loss results

In a study conducted among obese patients where Zinc supplementation was indicated, it was found that the subjects have improved body mass and weight loss index after a few doses. This was recommended as it was found that majority of obese individuals have low Zinc levels.

  1. It helps prevent bone loss

Along with magnesium and calcium, Zinc plays an important role in preventing bone loss. Taking supplement products with Zinc lactate may thus prevent bone loss and promote healthy bone structures even among patients who are at high risk for bone demineralization.


Individuals taking Zinc lactate supplements are expected to have better health and wellness after a few doses. Hence, it is recommended for use.

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