Zinc Picolinate: Zinc salt of Picolinic Acid for Enhanced Zinc and Chromium Absorption

Zinc Picolinate is known to enhance weight loss efforts and promote blood glucose management

Zinc Picolinate: Zinc salt of Picolinic Acid for Enhanced Zinc and Chromium Absorption

Picolinic Acid is an organic compound known for its various applications in the dietary supplement formulation field. The compound is known to enhance weight loss efforts and promote blood glucose management. It may also be useful in supporting bone health, as well as in increasing overall zinc levels. Picolinic Acid is also being studied upon for its claimed benefit as a neuroprotective compound.

What is Picolinic Acid?

Picolinic Acid is pyridinemonocarboxylic acid whose carboxy group is found at position 2. It is the conjugate acid of a picolinate and a naturally occurring derivative of tryptophan. The compound serves as a bidentate chelating agent for several minerals including zinc, copper, iron, and manganese. Picolinic acid is also known as Pyridine-2-carboxylic acid, 2-Picolinic acid, 98-98-6, picolinates, Salts of picolinic acid, and 2-Pyridinecarboxylic acid. The CAS number of the compound is 98-98-6 and its molecular formula is C6H5NO2. The molecular weight of the Picolinic acid is 123.11 g/mol.

The compound has a whitish powder appearance and is generally soluble in water.  On its own, the compound is usually included in dietary supplement products for its effects in improving cognition, enhancing immunity, and promoting weight loss. However, when chelated with zinc, it is believed to effectively increase zinc levels being introduced in the human body. Hence, it may be useful for disorders necessitating zinc supplementation.

Picolinate vs Picolinic Acid

Picolinate is the conjugate base of Picolinic Acid. It is a pyridinemonocarboxylate which is the result of the removal of a proton from the carboxy group of picolinic acid

Picolinate is different from Picolinic Acid in terms of its molecular formula and overall molecular structure. The molecular formula of Picolinate is C6H4NO2 while the molecular formula for Picolinic Acid is C6H5NO2. The molecular weight of Picolinate is 122.10 g/mol while that of Picolinic Acid is 123.11 g/mol.

The CAS number of Zinc Picolinate which is a common Picolinic Acid form is 17949-65-4.

Picolinic Acid vs Nicotinic Acid

Nicotinic Acid, also known as Vitamin B3, is a well-known dietary supplement ingredient used to prevent pellagra or Niacin deficiency. While Nicotinic Acid is popular for its effects in promoting healthy cholesterol and lipid profiles, Picolinic Acid is widely used for its effects in enhancing overall immunity.

Picolinic Acid is essentially an isomer of Nicotinic Acid.

Picolinic Acid Sources

Picolinic Acid is primarily formed from 2-methylpyridine through oxidation. Limited information is available to determine its existence in nature. However, in one study, the compound was isolated from human milk.

Picolinic Acid forms and specifications

Picolinic Acid with 99% purity is the most common form when included in its plain form in dietary supplement formulations. The compound is also chelated with Zinc to produce Zinc Picolinate with a 99% purity. Zinc Picolinate 99% powder is among the most predominant chelated forms of Picolinic Acid.

The compound Picolinic Acid 99% is available for purchase online through the legitimate ingredient supplier Nutriavenue. You may purchase the compound in bulk. In such a case, the product will be packed in paper drums with two layers of poly bags inside for added protection. You may also purchase the product in lesser quantities.

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Picolinic Acid Hydrazide

Picolinic Acid Hydrazide is a compound that is produced through the reaction of ethyl ester of picolinic acid and hydrazine hydrate. The compound is primarily used as an antibiotic compound for the microorganism Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. It is also known to inhibit mycolic acid synthesis.

Picolinic Acid secretor status

Secretor status refers to the existence or absence of ABO blood group antigens in a human being’s body fluids. Based on researches, the interaction of three genes, namely, the ABO gene, FUT1 gene, and FUT2 gene are essential in determining the expression of ABO blood group antigens. Essentially, non-secretors have lower susceptibility to most strains of the Noroviruses.

According to studies, Picolinic Acid is a nutrient that alters FUT2 gene activity. Hence, it may be beneficial for non-secretors.

Picolinic Acid Iron Chelation

The iron-chelating agent Picolinic Acid is found in studies to inhibit iron uptake and cell growth. However, it is remarkably found to increase the transferrin-binding capacity of the cells.

How does Picolinic Acid work?

Picolinic Acid is believed to work as a neuroprotective agent by playing a role in the pathogenesis of various Central Nervous System inflammatory conditions. This action of the compound is believed to extend to other organs systems of the human body. The compound is also found to possess strong osteogenic properties. This means that it increases bone formation, bone mass, and even bone strength.

It was also found that Picolinic Acid effectively increases intestinal absorption of zinc. Hence, it may be useful in increasing zinc levels and preventing metabolic conditions associated with deficiency of the said mineral. The effect of the compound in effectively increasing zinc levels may also result in improved production of enzymes and bodily chemicals responsible for active immunity.

Picolinic Acid Benefits

Taking Picolinic Acid dietary supplements provide the following health benefits:

It enhances zinc absorption

Picolinic Acid is a potent compound that effectively binds zinc and increases its absorption. Hence, various benefits associated with improved zinc levels may be experienced by users following Picolinic Acid supplementation.

It enhances Chromium absorption

The compound is also believed to enhance Chromium absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. This benefit may result in enhanced weight control as it reduces the desire for sweets.

It improves blood sugar levels

Zinc Picolinate improves blood sugar levels

Another interesting health benefit associated with Picolinic acid is that it may improve blood sugar levels. Thus, the compound can be useful among Diabetic patients, as well as those who are at risk for developing the disease due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Picolinic acid side effects

Taking Picolinic acid may cause certain mild side effects which mostly affect the gastrointestinal tract. While serious adverse effects are rare, persons who experience changes in vital signs and other unlikely symptoms are advised to discontinue the use of the compound and immediately consult their physicians.

Picolinic acid dosage

The recommended daily intake for Picolinic acid supplementation depends on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition. The dose may also vary among persons who are taking certain medications for diagnosed health conditions.

Where to buy bulk Picolinic Acid powder?

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