Zingerone: The Diarrheal Treatment for Effective Weight Loss


Zingerone: The Diarrheal Treatment for Effective Weight Loss

The active components of ginger have long been recognized as potentially safe and effective in the treatment of various disorders affecting several body organ systems. It was only recently, however, that experts in the field of medicine have discovered existence of Zingerone, a compound present in heated ginger following conversion of gingerol, and its effects in enhancing weight loss activities. Since the discovery, a lot of manufactures of health supplement products began to include ginger in their formulations for weight loss products. It was noteworthy, however, as presented in several studies, that the compound Zingerone is present only in heated or cooked ginger as the inactive form known as gingerol is not converted without heat.

What is Zingerone?

Zingerone is widely known in the modern days as a potential weight loss compound. Also known as Vanillylacetone, the compound is characterized as a crystalline solid responsible for the change in taste of ginger with cooking. Zingerone is used as an additive in several food products as well as in the field of perfumery. It is mostly used in the field of medicine for its activated effects in enhancing the overall function of the gastrointestinal tract as well as the metabolic process. Zingerone is usually included with other natural compounds for weight loss enhancement as it is also suggested to potentiate or synergize health effects of other compounds.

Health benefits of Zingerone supplementation

There being no side effects associated with Zingerone as it is naturally present in ginger, many quantitative studies involving humans have been conducted in the past to determine efficiency of the compound. As to qualitative researches, findings are limited on animal subjects to ensure safety. The following are known health benefits of using Zingerone:

  1. It may treat diarrhea

Health experts in the early days believed that fresh ginger is the best natural treatment for infection-induced diarrhea but modern science shows that the compound Zingerone which is present in heated ginger is responsible for the health effect. In a study conducted in 2007, experts made a conclusion that the compound Zingerone has effective enterotoxigenic properties against the very common cause of infant diarrhea, Escherichia coli or E.coli. To date, however, there are no formulated medications for diarrhea primarily containing Zingerone.

  1. It increases catecholamines

Catecholamines are amine compounds naturally produced in the body which are responsible for activation of vital body processes including metabolism and neurotransmitter production. Early studies on Zingerone show that it effectively increases production of catecholamines. This effect is believed to directly lead to the increase in metabolic rate and subsequent weight loss among individuals using Zingerone health supplements.

  1. It may enhance mood

Another direct effect of increased production of catecholamines is the improvement in mood. Zingerone effectively enhances production of Dopamine through catecholamine-mediated patterns, thereby improving mood and preventing depression.


Zingerone is a very important component of heated ginger. It is ideal for use in health supplement formulations as it is useful in treatment of various clinical disorders.

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