Benfotiamine: The Lipid-Soluble Thiamine for Improved Glucose Metabolism

Benfotiamine is the Lipid-Soluble Thiamine for Improved Glucose Metabolism

Benfotiamine: The Lipid-Soluble Thiamine for Improved Glucose Metabolism

Benfotiamine is a common dietary supplement ingredient that works in the same way as Thiamine. It is initially studied upon for its potential effects in controlling blood sugar levels and helping Diabetic patients obtain improved glucose tolerance. The compound is later found to have effects promoting weight loss among obese and overweight individuals.

What is Benfotiamine?

Benfotiamine is a synthetic or laboratory-produced S-acyl derivative of Thiamine. It was first developed in Japan in 1961 and is currently being marketed for its effects in preventing Diabetic neuropathy. Unlike Thiamine, Benfotiamine is soluble in lipids, thereby increasing its bioavailability and absorbability in the human body. Benfotiamine is converted into Thiamine once it enters the body. Hence, its use is generally safe and effective. The compound is also combined with other drugs such as Cyanocobalamin and Pyridoxine for enhanced B-Vitamin benefits.

The compound is also referred to as S-benzoylthiamine O-monophosphate, Milgamma, Benfotiamine, Benfotiamin, and 4-N-(4-amino-2-metylpyrimidin-5-ylmetyl) formamido-3-(benzoyltio)pent-3-enyl phosphate (WHO). The molecular formula of the compound is C19H23N4O6PS, its CAS number is 22457-89-2, and its molecular weight is 466.4 g/mol.

Generally, Benfotiamine has a white crystalline powder appearance and is insoluble in water. It is likewise insoluble in ethanol.

Benfotiamine Food Sources

Unlike the naturally occurring form of Thiamine which is found in meat, fish, nuts, seeds, legumes, and other food sources, Benfotiamine is not found in nature or food. It is produced in the laboratory through advanced manufacturing procedures and included in dietary supplement products as a Thiamine derivative.

Benfotiamine forms and specifications

In dietary supplement product formulations, Benfotiamine is usually included in powder forms having 99% purity. High-quality and affordable Benfotiamine 99% powder is available at legitimate dietary supplement ingredient suppliers like Nutriavenue. It is important to buy ingredients only from well-known companies to ensure product purity and quality.

In cases of bulk purchases at Nutriavenue, Benfotiamine 99% powder is usually packed in paper drums having 25 kilograms net weight. Inside each paper, the drum is two layers of poly bags which are especially included in product packaging for enhanced protection. However, if you buy the product in lesser quantities, or in cases where you prefer the use of other packaging materials, you may inform the technical support staff of our company and avail of a different packaging option.

Benfotiamine vs Thiamine

The main difference between Benfotiamine and Thiamine is that the former is the synthetic form of the latter. Nonetheless, in terms of health benefits in the human body, Benfotiamine and Thiamine are essentially similar.

While the naturally occurring form Thiamine is useful for various purposes, its absorption is limited due to its non-lipid solubility. Being soluble in lipids, Benfotiamine is found to be more beneficial as it is readily absorbable and formulated with heightened bioavailability compared to Thiamine.

Allithiamine vs Benfotiamine

Allithiamine is another Thiamine derivative that is naturally occurring in garlic and other herbs. Similar to Benfotiamine, Allithiamine is also a lipid-soluble form of Thiamine. Benfotiamine, along with other synthetic disulfides and S-acyl thiamine derivatives, is produced based on the molecular formula of Allithiamine. Hence, it can be properly said that there are no significant differences between Benfotiamine and Allithiamine, except that Benfotiamine is synthetic while Allithiamine is naturally occurring.

Benfotiamine and Methyl B12

A combination of Bentofiamine and Methyl B12 or Methylcobalamin is known to be beneficial in improving symptoms of nerve pain associated with Diabetes. It may also improve overall nerve function, both motor and sensory, brought about by damage secondary to Diabetic status.

Sulbutiamine vs Benfotiamine

Sulbutiamine is also a disulfide derivative of Thiamine. Both Benfotiamine and Sulbutiamine are lipid-soluble and are known to increase Thiamine levels in the body. However, it was found in one study that while Befotiamine increases Thiamine levels in the liver and blood, it has minimal effects in increasing Thiamine in the brain. In contrast, Sulbutiamine works to increase Thiamine in the brain, but not in the liver and the blood.

How does Benfotiamine work?

Benfotiamine works relatively to increase Thiamine levels in the body. Thiamine, otherwise known as Vitamin B1, works in various organs in the body such as the brain and the heart. It also plays an important role in cellular function as it enables the body to use carbohydrates as energy. By increasing Thiamine levels through Benfotiamine supplementation, it is believed that vital functions of the body may be improved.

The compound is also found to influence the production of the enzyme transketolase which is important in glucose metabolism. It also prevents the build-up of toxic glucose metabolites which interfere with nerve function.

Benfotiamine Manufacturing Process

One process of manufacturing Benfotiamine begins by reacting polyphosphoric acid as a phosphoric acid esterification reagent with vitamin B1. Hydrolysis at high temperature is then conducted, followed by extraction of the phosphoric acid using a mixed solution of trioctylamine and an organic solvent. The organic solvent is then directly added to the precipitate a phosphate monoester crude product of vitamin B1. The crude product is then purified and its pH is adjusted, and the solids are filtered. Lastly, separation and drying are conducted to obtain Benfotiamine white crystals.

Health Benefits of Benfotiamine

The following are among the health benefits of using Benfotiamine:

It helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels

Benfotiamine helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels

Benfotiamine is found to have certain effects in the glucose metabolism process as it interferes with the production of certain enzymes. Hence, the use of the compound in dietary supplement products may help maintain healthy glucose levels in the blood.

It may help in weight loss

Obese and overweight individuals may also find benefits with Bentofiamine supplementation as the compound is found to enable the body to use carbohydrates as energy. Hence, carbohydrate reserves may be used up, eventually resulting in weight loss.

It may promote nerve repair

Excessive glucose levels in the blood may cause nerve damage. According to researches, Bentofiamine may help promote nerve repair by preventing further damage in nerve cells.

It may work against Diabetic Neuropathy

Benfotiamine may work against Diabetic Neuropathy

Studies show that Benfotiamine may also play a vital role in reducing neuropathic pain brought about by hyperglycemia in diabetic patients.

It may work against depression

Benfotiamine may work against depression

Among the manifestations of severe Thiamine deficiency is depression. It is believed that the increase of Thiamine levels through Benfotiamine supplementation may reduce symptoms of Thiamine deficiency, including depression.

Benfotiamine side effects

The use of Benfotiamine is safe and effective. Hence, there are no serious side effects associated with its use. Some users, however, have reported having observed symptoms like mild gastrointestinal pain and irritation following the use of the compound. If adverse bodily reactions which affect vital signs occur, it is important for users to immediately consult a physician.

Benfotiamine dosage

In most cases, intake of 150-300 mg Benfotiamine, twice daily, is considered safe. Doses higher than 600mg per day are considered high. The recommended dose for each case may be determined by physicians based on the individual user’s weight, age, and overall physical condition.

Where to buy bulk Benfotiamine powder?

Bulk Bentofiamine may be purchased from our company, Nutriavenue.

Our company is duly registered with the Food and Drug Administration and is certified by entities including Halal, Kosher, and GMP. Along with Benfotiamine, we offer many other dietary supplement ingredients which are of proven quality at very affordable prices.

We also offer shipping services through air, sea, and couriers like UPS or FedEx. The rates for shipping may vary depending on your location and the weight of the products you purchase.

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