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Nutri Avenue warehousing located in California and Florida. Our 35,000 square foot warehouse is amply stocked and equipped to react quickly to your “just in time” needs. Due to our abundant inventory, agility and quick order processing, our service ranks among the best in the industry. Nutri Avenue’s excellent quality, superior service and competitive pricing will exceed your expectations! We look forward to proving our value.

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Nutri Avenue USA Stock List

More Than 1000 Ingredients In Stock
Product NamePacking SizeQTY(KG)Warehouse
CoQ 105kg/tin300NJ/CA
Elderberry Extract 25kg/drum2000CA
Bulbine Natalensis Extract 10:125kg/drum550CA
Kanna Extract25kg/drum350CA
White kidney bean extract 10:125kg/drum25CA
Alpha GPC  50%25kg/drum100CA
Elderberry Extract 25kg/drum775NYC
L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2:125kg/drum500CA
IBCAA211 Fermented25kg/drum3000CA
L-Carnitine L-Tartrate25kg/drum1200CA
Organic Stevia Extract Reb-A 98%25kg/drum1000CA
Organic Stevia Extract Reb-A 99%25kg/drum1000CA
Black Elderberry Extract 10:125kg/drum1350CA
Phosphatidyl Serine 20%(PS)15kg 20kg/drum100CA
Dandelion Extract 10:125kg/drum1000CA
L-Theanine 25kg/drum1000CA
L-Citrulline 25kg/drum25CA
L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:125kg/drum 50CA
Black Garlic Extract 3% polyphenols25kg/drum125CA
Beta Alanine25kg/drum1350CA
N-Acetyl carnitine25kg/drum1000CA
Sodium Hyaluronate25kg/drum19CA
Black Garlic Extract 10:125kg/drum500CA
L-Carnitine Base25kg/drum1000CA
Astaxanthin Oil 10%25kg/drum50CA
Natural Astaxanthin 1.5%25kg/drum200CA
Natural Astaxanthin 5%25kg/drum 25CA
Astaxanthin 2%25kg/drum80CA
Astaxanthin 3%25kg/drum10CA
Beta-Carotene 10% Powder25kg/drum240CA
Beta-Carotene 20% Beadlets25kg/drum300CA
Lycopene 5% Powder25kg/drum250CA
Lycopene 5% Beadlets25kg/drum80CA
Lycopene 10% Powder25kg/drum66CA
Lycopene 10% Beadlets25kg/drum 8CA
Turmeric Extract 95%25kg/drum300CA
Resveratrol 98%(Giant Knotweed)25kg/drum50CA
Cranberry Extract 25:125kg/drum125CA
Skull cap Extract 30% Baicalin25kg/drum2250CA
Rhodiola Rosea Extract 3% Rosavins 1% Salidroside25kg/drum3025CA
Rhodiola Rosea Extract 3% Rosavins 2% Salidroside25kg/drum400CA
Citrus Aurantium Extract 50% Hesperidin25kg/drum125CA
Epimedium Extract 10% Icariin25kg/drum 1000CA
Echinacea Extract 4% Polyphenols25kg/drum400CA
Maca Extract 4:125kg/drum400CA
Oat Extract 10:125kg/drum2500CA
Valerian Extract 4:125kg/drum2500CA
Acai Berry Extract 4:125kg/drum275CA
Acerola cherry Extract 25%25kg/drum600CA
Acerola cherry powder25kg/drum500CA
Agaricus Blazei Extract 45%25kg/drum 25CA
Aguaje Extract25kg/drum25CA
Ajuga Turkest Extract 10:125kg/drum450CA
Alfalfa extract 10:125kg/drum100CA
Aloe Vera Freeze dried powder 200:125kg/drum140CA
Alpha-GPC 99%25kg/drum20CA
Amla Extract 4:125kg/drum50CA
Amla Extract 40%25kg/drum400CA
Apple Cider Vinegar Powder 10%25kg/drum 600CA
Apple Extract 50%25kg/drum200CA
Arnica Extract25kg/drum25CA
Aronia Extract 10:125kg/drum100CA
Artichoke Extract25kg/drum400CA
Artichoke Extract 10:125kg/drum500CA
AScorbyl Palmitate25kg/drum25CA
Astragalus Extract 50%25kg/drum450CA
Avocado Extract 10:125kg/drum 400CA
Bacopa Monnieri Extract 50% HPLC25kg/drum150CA
Baicalin Extract25kg/drum25CA
Bamboo Extract25kg/drum300CA
Bamboo extract 7%25kg/drum150CA
Bamboo Extract 70%25kg/drum240CA
Barley Extract 10:125kg/drum50CA
Barley Juice Powder25kg/drum25CA
Bee Pollen25kg/drum100CA
Bee Propolis Powder 70%25kg/drum425CA
Beet Root Extract 3%25kg/drum175CA
Berberine 5%25kg/drum300CA
Berberine HCL 97% Powder25kg/drum25CA
Berberine HCL Granular25kg/drum8CA
Berberis Aristata Extract 98% granular25kg/drum8.03CA
Beta Arbutin 99%25kg/drum100CA
Bilberry Extract 10:125kg/drum325CA
Black Cohosh P.E. 4:125kg/drum25CA
Black Garlic Extract 15%25kg/drum500CA
Black Maca Extract 4:125kg/drum25CA
Black radish extract 4:125kg/drum600CA
Black radish extract 4:225kg/drum600CA
Black radish extract 4:325kg/drum600CA
Black radish extract 4:425kg/drum600CA
Black radish extract 4:525kg/drum600CA
black rice extract 30%25kg/drum100CA
Blood Orange Extract 10:125kg/drum125CA
Blueberry extract 10:125kg/drum600CA
Boswellia Serrata Extract 65%25kg/drum350CA
Boswellin Extract 65%25kg/drum325CA
bovine Hydrolyzed Gelatin25kg/drum75CA
Broccoli Extract 10:125kg/drum50CA
BUCHu Leaf Extract25kg/drum150CA
Buchu Leaf Extract 4:125kg/drum475CA
Bupleurum Extract25kg/drum475CA
Bupleurum Extract 10:125kg/drum125CA
Burdock Root Extract 4:125kg/drum300CA
Cascara Sagrada Extract 10:125kg/drum225CA
Cassia Seed Extract 10:125kg/drum100CA
Cayenne extract 10:125kg/drum275CA
Cayenne pepper extract25kg/drum8CA
Celery Extract 10:125kg/drum450CA
chaste berry extract 20:125kg/drum25CA
Cherry extract25kg/drum50CA
Chrysanthemun extract 4:125kg/drum500CA
cinnamon bark extract 4:125kg/drum225CA
Cissus Quadrangularis Extract 10:125kg/drum25CA
Citrus Aurantium Extract 10%25kg/drum50CA
Citrus Aurantium extract 50%25kg/drum135CA
Citrus Aurantium Extract 7%25kg/drum75CA
Citrus Aurantium Extract 90:10 Granular25kg/drum225CA
Citrus Aurantium Extract D 9:125kg/drum175CA
Citrus Aurantium Extract D90%25kg/drum250CA
Citrus Aurantium Extract H25%25kg/drum150CA
Cnidium Extract 10:125kg/drum25CA
Cocoa Extract 12%25kg/drum250CA
Cocoa Extract 35%25kg/drum150CA
Cocoa Extract 6%25kg/drum500CA
Cocoa Seed Extract 40%25kg/drum275CA
Coconut powder25kg/drum200CA
Coconut Water Powder25kg/drum400CA
Coconut water powder A20125kg/drum600CA
Coleus Forskohlii Extract 10%25kg/drum25CA
Coleus Forskolin 20%25kg/drum4CA
Coriolus Versicolor Extract 10:125kg/drum425CA
Corn Silk Extract 4:125kg/drum500CA
Cranberry Extract 25% Proanthocyanidins25kg/drum75CA
Creek Yellow Grass Extract 10:125kg/drum600CA
Cyanocobalamin 1% DCP25kg/drum25CA
Dihydromyricetin 98%25kg/drum20CA
Dong Quai Extract 10:125kg/drum450CA
dragon fruit EXTRACT25kg/drum275CA
Echinacea Extract 3%25kg/drum600CA
Echinacea Extract 4%25kg/drum350CA
Elderberry Extract 30%25kg/drum25CA
Elderberry Flower Extract 10:125kg/drum150CA
Eleutherococcus Senticosus Extract 0.8%25kg/drum100CA
Eleutherococcus Senticosus Extract 1.5%25kg/drum100CA
eyebright extract 10:125kg/drum400CA
fennel extract 4:125kg/drum175CA
Fisetin 50%25kg/drum2CA
flax seed Extract 10:125kg/drum150CA
GAC Fruit Extract 10:125kg/drum175CA
garcinia extract 50%25kg/drum400CA
Gastrodia Root Extract 10:125kg/drum175CA
Ginger Extract 25kg/drum300CA
Ginger Extract 10:125kg/drum25CA
Ginger Extract 20%25kg/drum500CA
Ginkgo Biloba Extract 10:125kg/drum125CA
ginkgo Biloba Extract 24%/6%25kg/drum150CA
ginkgo biloba extract cp0525kg/drum23CA
Ginkgo Biloba Extract USP25kg/drum100CA
Ginseng Extract 2%25kg/drum100CA
Ginseng Extract 7%25kg/drum325CA
Ginseng extrct 7%25kg/drum100CA
Ginseng extrct 80%25kg/drum100CA
Ginseng Root Extract 1% Ginsenosides25kg/drum50CA
goji powder 20%25kg/drum280CA
Goldthread extract 5:125kg/drum450CA
Gotu Kola Extract 10:125kg/drum50CA
Grains of Paradise extract 12.5%25kg/drum17CA
Grape Skin Extract 40%25kg/drum450CA
Grapefruit Extract 4:125kg/drum25CA
Grapefruit Seed Extract 10:125kg/drum450CA
Green Tea Extract25kg/drum275CA
Green tea extract 4:125kg/drum125CA
green tea extract 50%25kg/drum375CA
Green Tea Extract 80%25kg/drum125CA
Green Tea Extract 98%25kg/drum425CA
Guanabana Extract 10:125kg/drum550CA
Hawthorn Extract 2% V25kg/drum100CA
Hawthorn Fruit Extract /25kg/drum50CA
Hawthorn Fruit Extract 10:125kg/drum300CA
Herba Houttuyniae Extract 10:125kg/drum300CA
Hibiscus Flower Extract 10:125kg/drum75CA
horny goat weed extract25kg/drum400CA
horny goat weed extract 10%25kg/drum50CA
Horny Goat Weed Extract 10:125kg/drum350CA
Horse Chestnut Extract 20%25kg/drum475CA
Horsetail Extract 10:125kg/drum100CA
Horsetail extract 7%25kg/drum50CA
Indigofera pulchra extract 10:125kg/drum200CA
Juniper berry extract 10:125kg/drum275CA
Kalanchoe Extract25kg/drum50CA
Kava Extract 10%25kg/drum125CA
Konjac Extract Powder 95%25kg/drum73CA
kudzu root extract 10:125kg/drum500CA
Lavender Extract 10:125kg/drum475CA
Lemon Balm Extract 4:125kg/drum550CA
lemon-grass Extract25kg/drum50CA
L-Glutathione Reduced25kg/drum275CA
L-Glutathione Reduced 98%-101%25kg/drum500CA
Luo Han Guo Extract 25kg/drum25CA
Luo Han Guo Extract 20%25kg/drum38CA
Lutein 20%25kg/drum25CA
Lycopene 10%25kg/drum20CA
Lycopene 20%25kg/drum25CA
Lycopene 5%25kg/drum78CA
Maca Extract25kg/drum25CA
Maca Extract 25kg/drum100CA
Marigold Extract 10% Zeaxanthin25kg/drum281 (1kg/bag)CA
Marigold Extract 5% L25kg/drum120CA
Marigold Extract L10%25kg/drum425CA
marigold extract L20%25kg/drum250CA
marigold extract L45%25kg/drum87CA
marigold extract zeaxanthin 20%25kg/drum3CA
Marigold Flower Extract 10% lutein25kg/drum109CA
Marigold Flower Extract L5%25kg/drum1CA
Marshmallow Extract 10:125kg/drum375CA
milk thistle extract 30%25kg/drum450CA
Milk thistle extract 4:125kg/drum275CA
milk thistle extract 80% & 30%25kg/drum25CA
Monk Fruit Extract 25%25kg/drum160CA
Monk Fruit Extract 25% MV25kg/drum15CA
Monk Fruit Extract 40%25kg/drum100CA
Monk Fruit Extract 50%25kg/drum80CA
Monk Fruit Extract 50% MV25kg/drum50CA
Monk fruit extract Mogroside V 40%25kg/drum10CA
Motherwort Herb Extract 4:125kg/drum150CA
Mucuna Pruriens Extract 25kg/drum400CA
Mucuna Pruriens Extract 25%25kg/drum175CA
Mulberry Extract 10:125kg/drum175CA
Mulberry leaf extract 10:125kg/drum300CA
Naringin Extract 25kg/drum280CA
Naringin Extract 98%25kg/drum350CA
Nasturtium tropaeolum Extract25kg/drum100CA
Nattokinase 10000FU/G25kg/drum75CA
Nettle Extract 10:125kg/drum350CA
Noni Fruit Extract 10:125kg/drum400CA
Oat Extract 70%  25kg/drum350CA
Okra Extract 10:125kg/drum525CA
Olive Leaf Extract25kg/drum300CA
OLIVE Leaf Extract 10%25kg/drum325CA
Olive Leaf Extract 40%25kg/drum50CA
Olive Leaf Extract 40% 25kg/drum400CA
Onion Extract 10:125kg/drum175CA
oolong tea extract 30%25kg/drum450CA
Oregano Extract 10:125kg/drum600CA
Organic Monk Fruit Extract Mogroside V 50%25kg/drum5CA
Papaya Extract 25kg/drum225CA
Parsley Extract 10:125kg/drum175CA
Peppermint Extract 4:125kg/drum25CA
perilla extract25kg/drum300CA
phystosterol 95%25kg/drum40CA
Pine Bark Extract25kg/drum250CA
Piper Nigrum Extract 95%25kg/drum100CA
Polygonum cuspidatum extract 10:125kg/drum10CA
Polygonum Leucotomos extract 25kg/drum25CA
Polygonum Multiflorum extract 5:125kg/drum75CA
Polypodium Extract 8%25kg/drum250CA
Pomegranate Extract 40%25kg/drum100CA
Pomegranate Juice Powder25kg/drum45CA
Poria Cocos Extract 10:125kg/drum600CA
Propolis Powder 70% & 12%25kg/drum400CA
Propolis Powder 70% & 8%25kg/drum450CA
Prune Extract25kg/drum250CA
Puer Tea Extract 10:125kg/drum500CA
Pure monk fruit25kg/drum701CA
Raspberry Extract25kg/drum150CA
Raspberry extract 99%25kg/drum50CA
Red yest Rice Extract 3%25kg/drum500CA
Rehmannia Extract 10:125kg/drum350CA
Reishi Mushroom Extract 4:125kg/drum50CA
Resveratrol 98% (Polygonum Cuspidatum extract)25kg/drum225CA
Rhodiola Crenulata Extract 3% Salidrosides25kg/drum25CA
Rhodiola crenulata extract 5%25kg/drum450CA
Rhodiola Rosea Extract 3% & 1%25kg/drum300CA
Rhodiola Rosea extract 3%&1%25kg/drum175CA
Rhubarb extract 10:125kg/drum225CA
Rosehip Extract 10:125kg/drum450CA
Rosehip extract 50%25kg/drum150CA
ROSEMARY Extract 25kg/drum75CA
Rosemary Extract 10:125kg/drum475CA
Rosemary Extract 7%25kg/drum275CA
Roxburgh Rose Extract SOD800025kg/drum175CA
Royal Jelly Powder 4%25kg/drum375CA
Royal jelly powder 6%25kg/drum343CA
S-Acetyl-L-Glutathione 98%25kg/drum30CA
Saffron PE 0.3% SAFRANAL 25kg/drum50CA
Saw Palmeto25kg/drum25CA
Saw Palmetto Extract 25%25kg/drum50CA
Saw Palmetto Extract 85%25kg/drum150CA
schisandra extract 10:125kg/drum400CA
schisandra extract 6:125kg/drum150CA
Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract 10:125kg/drum450CA
sea buckthorn juce extract 10:125kg/drum125CA
Senna Leaf Extract 10:125kg/drum525CA
shitake mushroom extract 4:125kg/drum375CA
Slippery Elm Bark Extract25kg/drum50CA
Slippery Elm Bark Extract 10:125kg/drum600CA
Soy bean Extract 70% PS25kg/drum2CA
Soybean Extract 20%25kg/drum50CA
Soybean Extract 40%25kg/drum50CA
Soybean Extract 50%25kg/drum50CA
Sphaeranthus Indicus  Extract 10:125kg/drum200CA
Spinach Extract 10:125kg/drum20CA
St john’s Wort Extract 0.3%25kg/drum450CA
Stevia extract 90%(Organic)25kg/drum50CA
Stevia Extract RA9725kg/drum500CA
Stevia Extract RA97%25kg/drum500CA
Stevia Extract RA9825kg/drum500CA
Stevia extract RA98%25kg/drum140CA
Stevia Extract SG95% E (organic)25kg/drum300CA
Stevia Extract SG95E25kg/drum120CA
Stevioside RA98%25kg/drum10CA
swertia chirayita extracct 4:125kg/drum350CA
Tarragon Extract 4:125kg/drum25CA
taxillus chinensis danser extract 10:125kg/drum150CA
Thiamine Hydrochloride25kg/drum25CA
Thyme Extract 4:125kg/drum425CA
Tomato Extract 10%25kg/drum100CA
Tongkat Ali Extract 1%25kg/drum175CA
Tribulus Terrestris Extract 45%25kg/drum450CA
Turmeric Extract25kg/drum500CA
Turmeric Extract 95% 25kg/drum160CA
Turmeric extract 95% Granule25kg/drum500CA
Turmeric Extract 95% USP25kg/drum360CA
UVA Ursi Extract 20%25kg/drum175CA
UVA Ursi Extract 25%25kg/drum350CA
UVA Ursi Extract 50%25kg/drum70CA
Vine Tea Extract 98%25kg/drum120CA
Vine Tea Extract Dihdromyricetin 98%25kg/drum80CA
Violet extract25kg/drum25CA
Vitamin D3 100,000 IU/G25kg/drum25CA
Watercress Extract 10:125kg/drum100CA
White Kidney bean extract25kg/drum50CA
White Mulberry Extract 10:125kg/drum300CA
White Peony Root Extract 10:125kg/drum275CA
White Willow Bark Extract 25%25kg/drum400CA
wild jujube extract 10:125kg/drum200CA
Wild Lettuce Extract 10:1 (Lactuca Sativa Linn)25kg/drum400CA
Wild Yam Extract 4:125kg/drum525CA
Yeast Beta Glucan 80%25kg/drum50CA
Yellow Dock Extract 10:125kg/drum450CA
Yohimbe Bark Extract 6%25kg/drum150CA
Yohimbe Extract 98%25kg/drum6CA
Yohimbine Extract 2%25kg/drum100CA
Yohimbine Extract 8.0%25kg/drum375CA
Zinc Citrate 25kg/drum75CA
ZINC GLUCONATE 99%25kg/drum400CA
Panax Ginseng (Root) Ext. Ginsenosides > 7% HPLC25kg/drum160CA
Panax Ginseng (Root) Ext.  Ginsenosides > 5% HPLC25kg/drum500CA
Panax Ginseng (Root) Ext. Ginsenosides > 3% HPLC25kg/drum360CA
Panax Ginseng (Root) Ext. Ginsenosides > 1% HPLC25kg/drum175CA
Olive Leaf Ext. Oleuropein>20% HPLC25kg/drum350CA
Ginkgo Biloba Ext. USP 35 Grade25kg/drum200CA
Pesticide Meet USP<561>  25kg/drum70CA
Ginkgo Biloba Ext. USP 41 Grade Pesticide Meet USP<561>  25kg/drum120CA
EGCG> 70%     Caffeine<0.5%25kg/drum80CA
EGCG> 95%25kg/drum25CA
EGCG> 60%     Caffeine<0.5%25kg/drum25CA
Polyphenols 98%  Catechins 80% EGCG> 50%     Caffeine<0.5%25kg/drum100CA
Polyphenols 98%  Catechins 80% EGCG> 50% 25kg/drum50CA
Polyphenols 95%  Catechines>75% EGCG>45% 25kg/drum300CA
Polyphenols 50%  Catechins>30% EGCG>15%25kg/drum275CA
Mogroside V 50%25kg/drum400CA
Mogroside V 40%25kg/drum200CA
Mogroside V 25%25kg/drum400CA
Mogroside V 20%25kg/drum525CA
Grape Seed Extract Proanthocyandins >95%               25kg/drum50CA
Grape Seed Extract Polyphenols >95%  (UV Folin-C)25kg/drum160CA
Grape Seed Extract Polyphenols  >85%  (UV Folin-C)25kg/drum500CA
25% Anthocyanidins  ( UV ) 36% Anthocyanins    (HPLC)25kg/drum360CA
18% Anthocyanidins  ( UV ) 25% Anthocyanins    (HPLC)25kg/drum175CA
Anthocyanidins >25%UV (Chinese Test Method)25kg/drum350CA
Chlorogenic Acids 50%25kg/drum70CA
Saponins >45%25kg/drum80CA
Saponins >90%25kg/drum25CA
Griffonia Seed Extract 5-HTP 99%  Peak-X Free25kg/drum25CA
Rosavins >3%  Salidroside >1%25kg/drum100CA
Salidroside >3.0%25kg/drum50CA
Polyphenol > 40%   (UV Folin-C)25kg/drum300CA
Propolis Extract Powder 70%25kg/drum275CA
Marigold Extract Lutein Powder 5%HPLC 10% 20%25kg/drum400CA
Marigold Extract Zeaxanthin Powder 5%HPLC 10% 20%25kg/drum200CA
Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract Astaxanthin Powder 5% HPLC 3% 2%25kg/drum500CA
Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract Astaxanthin Liquid 5% HPLC 10% 25kg/drum525CA
Apple Cider Powder25kg/drum50CA
Lion’s Mane Mushroom(Hericium erinaceus) Extract  Polysaccharides 30%25kg/drum100CA
Lutein Esters 5% 10% 25kg/drum50CA
Red Beet Root Powder25kg/drum300CA
Lutein CWS 5%25kg/drum275CA
Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) Extract Polysaccharides 30%25kg/drum400CA
Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) Extract Polysaccharides 30%25kg/drum200CA
Cordyceps Militaris Powder Polysaccharides 2.5%25kg/drum500CA
Shiitake Mushroom (Lentinus edodes) Extract  Polysaccharides 30%25kg/drum525CA
Elderberry Extract 10-125kg/drum50CA
Bovine Collagen25kg/drum19975CA
DL Malic acid25kg/drum900CA
Pea Protein 80%25kg/drum10000CA
Betain Anhydrous 25kg/drum100CA
Chrysin 25kg/drum50CA
Betain HCL 25kg/drum300CA
Creatine Mono (80Mesh) 25kg/drum275CA
Caffeine 25kg/drum400CA
D-Aspartic Acid 25kg/drum200CA
Chitosan 90% HD 25kg/drum500CA
D-Glucosamine HCl-40mesh 25kg/drum525CA
Choline Bitartrate Coated 25kg/drum50CA
D-Glucuronolactone 25kg/drum160CA
D-Ribose 25kg/drum500CA
GABA 25kg/drum360CA
DL-Methionine 25kg/drum175CA
L-Alanine 25kg/drum350CA
DL-Phenylalanine 25kg/drum70CA
Gamma Oryzanol 25kg/drum120CA
L-Arginine HCl 25kg/drum80CA
Items 25kg/drum25CA
L-Aspartic Acid 25kg/drum25CA
Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium 25kg/drum100CA
L-Glutamic Acid 25kg/drum50CA
Glycine 25kg/drum300CA
L-Isoleucine (Fufeng) 25kg/drum275CA
Hyaluronic Acid 25kg/drum400CA
L-Leucine 25kg/drum200CA
IBCAA2:1:1 Hydrolyzed 25kg/drum500CA
L-Leucine (Fermentation) -fufeng 25kg/drum525CA
IBCAA2:1:1 Fermented 25kg/drum50CA
L-Lysine HCl Granular 25kg/drum100CA
Inositol 25kg/drum50CA
L-Malic Acid 25kg/drum300CA
Inositol Hexaphosphate 25kg/drum275CA
L-Ornithine AKG (2:1) 25kg/drum400CA
25 – 75kg 25kg/drum200CA
L-Ornithine HCl 25kg/drum500CA
L-Phenylalanine 25kg/drum525CA
L-Tyrosine (Shine Star) 25kg/drum50CA
Niacinamade(B3) 25kg/drum100CA
Stevia 90% 25kg/drum50CA
Thiamine Mono (B1) 25kg/drum300CA
Thiamine hcl (B1) 25kg/drum275CA
Vitamine B2(Riboflavin) 25kg/drum400CA
Vitamin B5 25kg/drum200CA
Vitamin B6 HCL 25kg/drum500CA
Vitamine D3 25kg/drum525CA
Acanthopanax Extract25kg/drum50CA
Acanthopanax Senticosus Extract25kg/drum160CA
Dandelion Extract25kg/drum500CA
Echinacea Extract25kg/drum360CA
Ginger Extract25kg/drum175CA
Horsetail Extract25kg/drum350CA
Passion Flower Extract25kg/drum70CA
Agaricus Blazei Extract25kg/drum25CA
Burdock Extract 25kg/drum25CA
Chaga Extract25kg/drum100CA
Goji Berry Extract25kg/drum50CA
Kelp Extract25kg/drum300CA
Lions Mane Mushroom P.E.25kg/drum275CA
Reishi Mushroom Extract25kg/drum200CA
Shiitake Mushroom Extract25kg/drum800CA
Turkey Tail Extract25kg/drum50CA
Angelica Dahurica Extract25kg/drum100CA
Ashwagandha Extract25kg/drum300CA
Bladderwrack Extract 25kg/drum275CA
Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Extract25kg/drum200CA
Burdock Extract25kg/drum900CA
Cat’s claw Extract25kg/drum100CA
Chamomile Extract25kg/drum50CA
Chanca Piedra Extract25kg/drum300CA
Cinnamon Bark Extract25kg/drum400CA
Cyperus Rotundus Extract25kg/drum200CA
Damiana Extract25kg/drum700CA
Hempseed Extract25kg/drum50CA
Lemon Balm Extract25kg/drum160CA
Muira Puama Extract25kg/drum175CA
Oat Grass Extract25kg/drum350CA
Ophiopogon Japonicus Extract25kg/drum70CA
Platycodon Grandiflorus Extract25kg/drum120CA
Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract25kg/drum80CA
Polypodium Extract25kg/drum25CA
Pumpkin Seed Extract25kg/drum25CA
Salvia Japonica Extract25kg/drum50CA
Sarsaparilla Extract25kg/drum300CA
Saw Palmetto Extract25kg/drum600CA
White Kidney Extract25kg/drum500CA
Barley Grass Powder25kg/drum50CA
Echinacea Powder25kg/drum100CA
Fennel seed Powder25kg/drum50CA
Ginger Powder25kg/drum300CA
Organic Burdock Root Powder25kg/drum275CA
Reishi Mushroom Powder25kg/drum400CA
Wheat Grass Powder25kg/drum200CA
Holiy basil extract 25kg/drum900CA
Organic Foti Powder25kg/drum50CA
Organic Monk Fruit Powder25kg/drum300CA
Organic Schisandra Powder25kg/drum275CA
Organic Shiitake Mushroom Powder25kg/drum400CA
Organic Dandelion Root Powder25kg/drum200CA
Coconut Extract MCT 25kg/drum900CA
Turmeric Extract 25kg/drum50CA
Passionflower Extract25kg/drum160CA
Reishi extract 25kg/drum360CA
Astragalus Extract25kg/drum175CA
White Button Mushroom P.E. 25kg/drum100CA
Sea Buchthorn 25kg/drum50CA
Bladderwrack Extract25kg/drum300CA
Elderberry Fruit Extract25kg/drum900CA
Organic Wheat Grass Powder25kg/drum525CA
Organic Barley Grass Powder25kg/drum50CA
Peony Extract 25kg/drum50CA
Epimedium  Powder25kg/drum50CA
Epimedium powder25kg/drum300CA
Horsetail Herb Powder25kg/drum275CA
Licorice powder25kg/drum200CA
Siberian Ginseng Extract 25kg/drum525CA
Ascorbic Acid (VC)25kg/drum400CA
Ascorbic Acid DC 97% (VC) 25kg/drum200CA
Ascorbyl Palmitate (VC)   25kg/drum900CA
Calcium Ascorbate (VC)25kg/drum50CA
Vitamin E 1000iu25kg/drum300CA
Vitamin E Succinate 1185 IU25kg/drum275CA
Vitamin E Succinate 1120 IU25kg/drum400CA
Vitamin E 98% Oil25kg/drum200CA
Vitamin E Acetate 50% CWS/SF/TAB 25kg/drum900CA
D-Biotin 1% on DCP25kg/drum50CA
Inositol Nicotinate 25kg/drum360CA
D-Biotin 99%25kg/drum175CA
Sodium Ascorbate (VC) 25kg/drum100CA
Vitamin D3 100,000iu (VD)25kg/drum50CA
Vitamin E 700iu 25kg/drum300CA
Cobamamide (Dibencozide/Adenosylcobalamin) (VB12) 25kg/drum900CA
Methylcobalamin 98% (VB12)25kg/drum525CA
 Methylcobalamin 1% on DCP (VB12) 25kg/drum50CA
Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate Monohydrate (VB6) 25kg/drum50CA
Folic Acid (VB9) 25kg/drum50CA
Cyanocobalamin 98% (VB12)  25kg/drum300CA
Cyanocobalamin 1% on DCP (VB12)25kg/drum400CA
Cyanocobalamin 1% on Mannitol (VB12) 25kg/drum200CA
Riboflavin 5’ Phosphate (VB2) 25kg/drum900CA
Niacinamide Powder (VB3)25kg/drum50CA
D-Calcium Panthothenate (VB5) 25kg/drum300CA
Niacin (VB3) 25kg/drum275CA
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (VB6) 25kg/drum400CA
Vitamin A Palmitate 500,000iu (VA) 25kg/drum200CA
Thiamine Monohydrate (VB1) 25kg/drum900CA
Thiamine HCL (VB1)25kg/drum50CA
Riboflavin Powder (VB2) 25kg/drum160CA
Benfotiamine (VB1) 25kg/drum360CA
Calcium Chloride   25kg/drum175CA
Citric Acid25kg/drum100CA
Magnesium Chloride25kg/drum50CA
Potassium Bicarbonate25kg/drum300CA
Potassium Chloride 25kg/drum900CA
Potassium Hydroxide Flakes 25kg/drum525CA
Sodium Benzoate25kg/drum50CA
Sodium Bicarbonate 25kg/drum50CA
Potassium Sorbate25kg/drum50CA
Caffeine Anhydrous 25kg/drum300CA
MCT Oil Powder 25kg/drum300CA
DHA 14%25kg/drum900CA
Panax Ginseng 80% 25kg/drum525CA
Saw Palmetto 45% 25kg/drum50CA
Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid 25kg/drum50CA
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 25kg/drum50CA
Ascorbic Acid 25kg/drum300CA
BCAA Granular 25kg/drum450CA
Phosphatidylserine 20%  Soy lecithin10kg/pack50CA
Phosphatidylserine 20%  Sunflower lecithin 10kg/pack200CA
Phosphatidylserine 50%  Soy lecithin10kg/pack300CA
Phosphatidylserine 50%  Sunflower lecithin 10kg/pack150CA


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