branded ingredient NutriPQQ®

NutriPQQ® is a Branded product from Nutri Avenue Ltd. Fresh USA Stocks with third party test reports, guaranteed quality that exceeds your requirement. Click the button below to get a free quote today!

The Benefits for NutriPQQ® ​

Improve immune

NutriPQQ® enhances energy metabolism leading to sufficient energy supply.

Against Aging

NutriPQQ® helps control rapid onset of the effects of aging.

Weight Loss

NutriPQQ® enhances energy levels and promotes weight loss.

Brain Health

NutriPQQ® helps in improving brain cell function.


NutriPQQ® may help in prevention of degenerative brain conditions.

Cell Antioxidant

NutriPQQ® has antioxidant effects useful in cleansing body cells.

Branded ingredient

What is NutriPQQ® ?​

NutriPQQ® is a Branded product from Nutri Avenue Ltd called Pyrroloquinoline quinone or PQQ.
NutriPQQ® is a recently discovered vitamin-like compound that is commonly found in plant foods. It was first discovered as a cofactor for bacteria that is similar to how B Vitamins effect humans.

Clinical studies in humans have shown that PQQ enhances short-term memory and attention, improves energy metabolism, and reduces markers of inflammation, as well as improving general feelings of well-being.



Our Advantage

branded ingredient NutriPQQ® from Nutri Avenue Ltd

USA fresh stock​

We have prepared sufficient inventory in both CA and FL warehouses in the US, which can provide you with stable supply demand.

3rd party test report​

We will do HPLC test report on each batch of NutriPQQ® to ensure that the purity of each batch can exceed 99%.

Stability data report​

We will conduct irregular tests on the Stability data report of the product to ensure that its quality is always optimal.

Free samples

We can provide free samples from our warehouses in USA and China for your inspection before the order.

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