Dichroa febrifuga lour extract: A Promising Cure for Autoimmune Conditions

Dichroa febrifuga lour extract

Dichroa febrifuga lour extract: A Promising Cure for Autoimmune Conditions

Across the Himalayas and Malaysian regions, the modern health supplement ingredient Dichroa febrifuga lour extract has been used in the traditional treatment of fever, especially high fevers associated with Malaria. In the modern setting, experts have discovered that Dichroa febrifuga lour extract contains a special compound known as halofuginone which is highly effective in treating certain autoimmune diseases. For centuries, experts have been seeking to establish potential treatments for autoimmune disorders or those diseases which are associated with problems in the immune system itself. With the discovery of halofuginone in Dichroa febrifuga lour extract, experts are looking forward into developing more than just asymptomatic treatment for autoimmune diseases to prolong the life of patients suffering from these conditions. Dichroa febrifuga lour extract is also used in health supplement formulations as it promotes wellness in various ways.

What is Dichroa febrifuga lour extract?

Dichroa febrifuga lour extract is a very promising health supplement ingredient derived from Dichroa root or Chang Shan. Dichroa, also known as fever-flower, is an herbal medicine prevalent in Chinese regions. It is also found in certain areas in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Although the other parts of the plant are believed to contain relative amounts of compounds for essential health, experts say that the roots yield highest amounts of essential nutrients. The roots contain several alkaloid compounds as well as coumarins which affect certain bodily processes and prevent occurrence of several illnesses. Dichroa febrifuga lour extract is useful in health supplement formulations and is generally safe among adult users.

Health benefits of using Dichroa febrifuga lour extract

The bitter herb Dichroa provides many health benefits involving various organs including the heart, the liver and the gastrointestinal tract. Some of the uses of Dichroa febrifuga lour extract among individual users include the following:

  1. It may improve digestive function

Dichroa febrifuga lour extract is found to possess laxative properties. It is also observed to be effective in treating indigestion. In another study, experts have observed that Dichroa febrifuga lour extract helps prevent development of stomach cancer by preventing rapid cell growth in the stomach lining.

  1. It may lower blood pressure

It is also suggested in certain health studies that Dichroa febrifuga lour extract may help lower blood pressure through some unknown mechanisms of action. This health effect may promote overall cardiovascular health and prevent development of certain illnesses.

  1. It may work against viruses

Viral infections such as influenza are observed to react positively with Dichroa febrifuga lour extract supplementation. Further studies are required to establish claims on the potential effects of Dichroa febrifuga lour extract in curing viral infections.


The effects of Dichroa febrifuga lour extract in possibly treating autoimmune diseases is promising for patients suffering from this classification of illnesses. In-depth clinical researches are required, however, to fully determine the extent of the health effect.

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