Lalang Grass rhizome extract:Antipyretic Medication for Improved Kidney Function

Lalang Grass rhizome extract

Dangerous health conditions like excessive bleeding brought about by increase of body temperature secondary to increase of microbial count in the human body has previously been treated with certain doses of Lalang Grass rhizome extract. Aside from preventing bleeding and curing it, experts in the early days also use Lalang Grass rhizome extract in the treatment of ordinary fevers as it is a powerful antipyretic. In the modern age, it is found that Lalang Grass rhizome extract may provide a wide range of health benefits, including enhancement of overall liver function. Although little is known on the exact mechanisms of actions of Lalang Grass rhizome extract compounds in the human body, many experts in the modern age believe that it is highly potential as an alternative medicine health supplement ingredient.

What is Lalang Grass rhizome extract?

Lalang Grass rhizome extract is a component of traditional Chinese medicine which is believed to enhance the intestinal, stomach and lung meridians. While some of the claims on Lalang Grass rhizome extract health benefits are not yet confirmed by scientific health studies, most of the claims have already been established through quantitative researches. Today, experts are currently looking into the effects of Lalang Grass rhizome extract compounds in the prevention of edema or the increase of amounts of interstitial fluids in the intercellular spaces. Upon establishing the claim that it may treat edema, experts say that Lalang Grass rhizome extract may be used by patients suffering from kidney diseases, including those who are undergoing regular dialysis treatments, to promote kidney health.

Health benefits of using Lalang Grass rhizome extract

Lalang Grass rhizome extract supplementation may be used not only in the treatment of acute conditions like fevers but it can also provide other long-term health benefits. These include the following:

  • It may prevent jaundice

Jaundice is a symptom manifested through yellowish discoloration of the skin. It is brought about by liver dysfunction and may range from mild to severe manifestation. Experts say that Lalang Grass rhizome extract may improve liver function, thereby preventing jaundice.

  • It may prevent dysuria

Painful urination or dysuria may be caused by several factors but most cases are associated with problems in the urinary tract. Studies show that Lalang Grass rhizome extract is useful in treating dysuria as it improves overall function of the urinary system and prevent destruction of structures.

  • It may prevent nephritis

Nephritis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the nephrons of the kidneys. It can be acute or chronic. According to researches, Lalang Grass rhizome extract supplementation may be useful in preventing nephritis.


Lalang Grass rhizome extract supplementation may be helpful in the promotion of vital functions of the human body. Some of the health claims associated with the use of the extract, however, are not yet scientifically established.

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