What is Erythorbic acid

Erythorbic acid

What is Erythorbic acid

The health supplement ingredient Erythorbic acid has been determined as a useful compound in both the culinary and medical fields in as early as the 1930’s but due to lack of clinical researches, it is not yet recognized by the US-FDA as a medication form. Erythorbic acid is currently among the most common food preservatives used in different food processing industries after the declaration of sulfites as banned in the market. It is generally safe and effective for use in the medical field but the exact effects of Erythorbic acid in the human body are not yet fully understood. Experts also say that the effects of Erythorbic acid in increasing Vitamin C metabolism are not yet established under qualitative studies. Although it may contribute to efficient Vitamin C supplication, scientists say that Erythorbic acid does not necessary improve Vitamin C uptake. In terms of safety, experts are still conducting studies to determine possible drug interactions with Erythorbic acid use.

What is Erythorbic acid?

Erythorbic acid is compound classified as a Vitamin C stereoisomer. This means that the molecular structure of Erythorbic acid is also similar to that of Vitamin C. Although it is shown to not exactly increase ascorbic acid metabolism, experts say that the benefits of using Erythorbic acid is almost similar to that of Vitamin C supplementation. Erythorbic acid is also believed to help treat scurvy, a condition which results from long-term reduction in Vitamin C supplies. Scurvy is characterized by anemia, weakness and even gingivitis. Erythorbic acid on its own does not treat scurvy but it may help alleviate symptoms and prevent progression. The condition is still treated with efficient Vitamin C supplementation. There are many benefits of including Erythorbic acid in health supplement formulations but excessive doses of the compound has been associated with various side effects.

What are the benefits of using Erythorbic acid supplements?

The many benefits of using Erythorbic acid are among the reasons why it is advisable for use among individual users. The following are among the benefits of using the compound:

  1. It works as an antioxidant

Experts also classify Erythorbic acid as an antioxidant. It is therefore quite beneficial in promoting detoxification and elimination of toxic compounds in the body. It may also slow down degeneration of cells due to aging process.

  1. It may help prevent cancer

Erythorbic acid may also be useful in the prevention of cancer as it works in detoxification of body cells. This process helps prevent genetic mutations which are often believed to be among the causes of cancer.

  1. It improves heart health

Detoxifying agents like Erythorbic acid are also good for the heart as they prevent accumulation cholesterol and fatty acids in the blood vessels. This improves overall heart function.


Health studies are still being conducted to fully understand how Erythorbic acid works. Although it is quite beneficial, it must be used within recommended doses only. Overdose of the compound can be potentially deadly.

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