Beta glucans: A Better Alternative for Effective Weight Loss

Beta glucans

Beta glucans: A Better Alternative for Effective Weight Loss

For patients who are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, enhancing the function of the immune system, thereby reducing risks for opportunistic infections, is among the primarily goal of treatment. Studies show that in promoting immunity in AIDS patients, the use of Beta glucans through health supplement formulations is quite beneficial. Beta glucans are known to be very effective in fighting off various forms of infections including secondary infections or those associated with a primary infection and post-surgery infections. These compounds are usually introduced through injections in the muscles or in the intravenous line to facilitate immediate action. In modern researches, however, experts have found that Beta glucans supplementation may also be useful in providing long-term infection prevention. Aside from infection control, Beta glucans supplementation may also provide other specific benefits as it helps enhance function of various organs in the human body.

What are Beta glucans?

The term Beta glucans refer to a group of soluble fibers which are currently being used in the formulation of health supplements indicated for both young and old individuals. Beta glucans are, according to studies, very useful in promoting heart health. Unlike insoluble fiber groups, Beta glucans effectively help eliminate excess cholesterol in the blood, resulting to the reduction of blood cholesterol levels and prevention of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis control may eventually lead to the prevention of hypertension and myocardial infarction among high risk individuals. In order to work, however, long-term Beta glucans supplementation is necessary. The compound group, when introduced in lower doses through health supplement formulations, do not have immediate action as compared to when it is introduced via intramuscular or intravenous route during infection control mechanisms. Long-term Beta glucans supplementation may, however, provide more benefits to individual users as the compounds improve body function slowly and effectively. Beta glucans are also considered safe and effective for use.

Health benefits of using Beta glucans

Along with other fiber compounds, Beta glucans may be included in health supplement formulations for better wellness. The following are some of the benefits of using Beta glucans:

  • It may help control obesity

The action of Beta glucans may involve the prevention of absorption of cholesterol in the body. This function is said to help control obesity, aside from protecting the heart from damage brought about by excessive cholesterol.

  • It may prevent Diabetes progression

Rapid deterioration of the body brought about by insulin resistance may also be prevented w ith Beta glucans supplementation as the compound group effectively cleanses body cells from fat accumulations in cellular key receptors.

  • It may promote health after cancer treatments

Patients who have just undergone radiation or chemotherapy treatments may also use Beta glucans to improve their overall state. Taking Beta glucans for this purpose must be with physicians’ recommendation.


Beta glucans are healthy fibers which work in improving digestive, cardiovascular and even metabolic health. It is ideal for individuals of all ages as it is safe and effective for use.

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