Benfotiamine: An Effective Ideal Nutrient During Alcohol Rehabilitation


Benfotiamine: An Effective Ideal Nutrient During Alcohol Rehabilitation

Several researches have long established potential benefits of health supplementation in patients undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation. In one study, it was recently concluded that the health supplement ingredient Benfotiamine, the lipid-soluble form of Vitamin B1 or Thiamine, is quite beneficial in controlling psychological symptoms of alcohol withdrawal among patients who are undergoing alcohol rehabilitation. It is also observed to improve overall mood during rehabilitation, as well as cognition. The lipid Thiamine form Benfotiamine is said to be more useful than its water-soluble form as it is absorbed in the body for longer periods of time. This means that its use is maximized in the human body, instead of being excreted without being fully absorbed. The many health benefits of using Thiamine is included with all the other benefits of using Benfotiamine in health supplement formulations.

What is Benfotiamine?

The health supplement ingredient Benfotiamine is similar to the popular nutrient Thiamine or Vitamin B1 but unlike Thiamine, Benfotiamine is soluble in lipids or fats. Although proven to be useful among individual users, some experts say that more studies are required to fully determine the health effects of Benfotiamine supplementation. Physicians say, however, that as long as the supplement ingredient is included in formulations within recommended doses, it is safe for use among individual users. The use of Benfotiamine is highly advisable as it is said as well to have effects in preventing forms of cancers. The mechanisms as to how Benfotiamine provides health benefits are not yet fully understood but many quantitative studies provided sufficient evidences to establish health claims. In one study, it was also observed that Benfotiamine may be quite useful in controlling neuropathy associated with development of the lifestyle-associated condition Diabetes Mellitus Type II. Kidney damage due to Diabetes is also said to be controlled with Benfotiamine supplementation, although the claim is not yet fully established under qualitative researches.

What are the health benefits of using Benfotiamine?

According to the latest studies, Benfotiamine supplementation may provide various benefits to Diabetic patients. It may, however, provide other benefits to non-diabetics, which include the following:

  • It may strengthen the immune system

As a nutrient, Benfotiamine is widely known to enhance immune system function. This means that it helps prevent fight off infections and even control development of other health conditions. Benfotiamine works best as an immune booster when taken with other vitamins and minerals.

  • It may help control symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

Several studies conducted on patients with Alzheimer’s disease have revealed potential benefits of using Benfotiamine in controlling symptoms of the condition. It is not, however, proven to treat the disease itself.

  • It improves recovery time for heart attacks

In one study, experts have found that Benfotiamine supplementation may also be useful in improving recovery rate for patients who have just suffered from heart attacks. The exact pharmacodynamic explanation to this effect is not yet fully known.


Benfotiamine supplementation is an ideal practice among adults who are at high risk for various health conditions. It is useful not only in prevention but also in treatment of some diseases. It is also safe for use.

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