D-alpha Tocopherol: Vitamin E for Inflammation Control

D-alpha Tocopherol

D-alpha Tocopherol: Vitamin E for Inflammation Control

The beautifying effects of Vitamin E or D-alpha Tocopherol have long been proven under many scientific researches. Studies reveal that the nutrient is very effective in preventing skin cell damage as it helps eliminate free radicals which have accumulated in skin cells, causing rapid damage. It is also believed to help improve skin cell regeneration and repair as it helps supply the cells with adequate nutrient sources. In recent studies, experts have discovered that the vitamin is also useful in improving function of other organ systems of the human body. With the advent of the many health claims associated with D-alpha Tocopherol use, many manufacturers of health supplement products have developed formulations that contain relative amounts of D-alpha Tocopherol. Today, researches are being conducted to fully discuss the potential effects of using D-alpha Tocopherol, as well as the risks of using the compound.

What is D-alpha Tocopherol?

The compound D-alpha Tocopherol is more popularly known in the field of alternative medicine as Vitamin E. Although it is a popular ingredient of many skin health products, it is found recently to be effective as well in preventing inflammations. Some experts also suggest that D-alpha Tocopherol may help prevent prostate cancer and other forms of cancers. The mechanism on how it prevents cancer is not yet fully understood but some researchers say that it works by eliminating free radicals that cause damage to body cells. D-alpha Tocopherol supplementation is also important in maintaining body functions that are dependent on Vitamin E supply. It is also useful in treating deficiencies on Vitamin E, which is diagnosed in many persons in the modern generation. Although it is effective in regulated doses, D-alpha Tocopherol can be potentially deadly in cases of overdose.

What are the benefits of using D-alpha Tocopherol?

Taking D-alpha Tocopherol supplements may provide the following health benefits:

  • It may treat gout and other joint inflammatory conditions

Many persons suffer from joint inflammatory conditions which result from trauma and other inflammation causes. Studies reveal that D-alpha Tocopherol may be useful in inflammation control, as well as in the prevention of exacerbation of the disease. It is not indicated, however, as an immediate relief treatment for inflammatory conditions.

  • It improves hormonal production

The production of hormones in the body is also a mechanism over which Vitamin E is being used. This is the reason why experts say that D-alpha Tocopherol supplementation may be useful in improving hormonal balance.

  • It helps reduce cardiovascular disease risk

In one study, it was observed that D-alpha Tocopherol is also useful in reducing risk for various cardiovascular studies. The mechanism behind this health benefit is not yet fully understood.


D-alpha Tocopherol or Vitamin E may also improve eyesight, according to recent studies. Many health benefits are believed to be discovered with further studies being conducted on D-alpha Tocopherol.

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