Glycocyamine: The Athletic Compound for Diabetics


Glycocyamine: The Athletic Compound for Diabetics

Examining the risks of taking the bodybuilding health compound Glycocyamine is one of the most important subjects of various clinical studies in the recent years following claims that Glycocyamine can be dangerously addictive. With the rise of effective health supplements containing Glycocyamine, it has become an important goal for experts to determine whether to recommend use of the compound or not. In several studies recently concluded, it was found that while the compound may develop addictive patterns among certain groups of individual users, it does not generally produce adverse effects when taken within recommended doses. The benefits of taking the creatine precursor Glycocyamine, according to experts, generally outweigh risks.

What is Glycocyamine?

The compound Glycocyamine, also known as GAA or guanidinoacetate, is the resultant compound following combination of arginine and glycine, a compound produced in the liver. It is one of the backbone components of the essential nutrient creatine and is typically synthesized through liver metabolism. Glycocyamine is mostly featured in the production of health supplement indicated for bodybuilders and athletes. It is found to be effective, however, for some other individual groups especially those who are suffering from certain health conditions including asthma, hypotension and lowered glucose tolerance brought about by Diabetes Mellitus. Some other studies are sought to be completed to establish many other health claims associated with Glycocyamine supplement use.

What are the benefits of using Glycocyamine?

It is very important, as provided in health journals, to take Glycocyamine within recommended doses to prevent occurrences of certain side effects. The following are general health benefits of taking Glycocyamine supplements within recommended doses:

  1. It may prevent fatigue

Creatine is a significant compound produced by the body. It is responsible for the maintenance of musculoskeletal health as well as in the prevention of straining and fatigue. Studies show that increasing creatine precursor contents in the body through Glycocyamine supplementation may help prevent over exhaustion and fatigue among athletes and bodybuilders. Individuals who are seeking to adopt a weight management program which includes exercising are also recommended to take Glycocyamine-containing health supplements as the compound effectively prolongs endurance.

  1. It may increase libido

There are only a few studies proving the claim that Glycocyamine may also increase libido production among male users but many experts are convinced that the compound may indeed provide the claimed health benefit. Creatine, at some points, may also improve libido as a result of certain activated patterns. Increasing Glycocyamine levels which results to significant increase in Creatine levels is believed to stimulate libido production.

  1. It may improve glucose tolerance

The body’s inability to uptake glucose is brought about by various factors but the most common causative factor is the accumulation of fat molecules in the key receptors in the cells. Studies show that Glycocyamine may help support glucose tolerance by effectively aiding in the elimination of fat molecules in the body cells.


Glycocyamine is an effective oral supplement for athletes. While the use of the compound may be risky when taken beyond recommended doses, it is still generally useful.

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