Potential Treatment of Modern Health Conditions: Citrus Aurantium extract

Citrus Aurantium extract

Potential Treatment of Modern Health Conditions: Citrus Aurantium extract

The potential effects of Bitter orange or Citrus Aurantium extract in the enhancement of liver metabolism have been the subject of various clinical studies for certain decades. With the establishment of the claim with clear foundations and clinical patterns, several lifestyle-associated disorders such as obesity, Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular conditions will finally find its cure. Even with the completion of quantitative studies conducted on both human and animal subjects, however, there remains to be a question as to how Citrus Aurantium extract really works and how safe it is to the human body. The vast number of studies on the extract, however, has lead scientists to a reasonable conclusion that Citrus Aurantium extract may be a good health supplement ingredient as it may contribute to a given list of health benefits.

What is Citrus Aurantium extract?

More commonly known as Bitter orange, Citrus Aurantium is among the most recognized historical treatments for common gastrointestinal conditions such as constipation, diarrhea and gas pain. The extract of the plant is usually taken from its peel, fruit, leaf or flower and included in health supplement formulations as the concentrated amount of compounds in the extract is believed to improve overall wellness in several ways. Since the Citrus Aurantium extract is taken from an edible fruit, it is, by far, classified as a clinically-safe and effective component.

Health benefits of using Citrus Aurantium extract

The discovery of health benefits of using Citrus Aurantium extract is a great advancement in the field of modern science. Although clinical patterns remain unsubstantiated by qualitative studies, the claims are accepted under health supplement standards for several reasons.

The benefits of using Citrus Aurantium extract supplements include the following:

  1. It may facilitate weight loss

Liver metabolism is one of the most important determinants of effective fat breakdown and elimination. Without a functional liver, fats from food sources will not be metabolized and will remain circulating in the human body without being eliminated. In a study conducted few years back, experts found that Citrus Aurantium extract may help facilitate weight loss by enhancing liver metabolism process. The study was conducted involving overweight and obese individuals and, as compared to those who have taken placebo equivalents, those patients who took Citrus Aurantium extract yielded positive weight loss.

  1. It lowers blood sugar levels

Effective fat metabolism also lowers blood sugar levels, such being a direct result especially among patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus. There is no sufficient proof as to whether Citrus Aurantium extract may increase insulin production in the pancreas but with quantitative studies showing effects in lowering blood sugar, experts are now convinced.

  1. It works as a painkiller

Certain independent studies also provide that the active compounds of Citrus Aurantium extract may work as painkillers as they increase endorphin production, thereby stimulating inflammation control systems.


Citrus Aurantium extract is not a new healing aid but considered as new in the health supplement manufacture industry. It is generally safe for use by most individuals but must be taken with caution for some.

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