Mentha extract: The Menthol Extract for a Relaxed Mind

Mentha extract

Mentha extract: The Menthol Extract for a Relaxed Mind

For thousands of years, many practitioners of alternative medicine in various areas across the globe have used Mentha extract in the treatment of many health conditions. Aromatherapy procedures also include certain doses of Mentha extract as it gives off a smell which is conducive to relaxation. In previous health studies involving Mentha extract and its effects on the human body, it has been discovered that Mentha extract supplementation may be quite useful in the treatment of nipple cracks brought about by breastfeeding. It may also help reduce pain associated with breastfeeding, especially among first-time mothers. Including Mentha extract in health supplement formulations is ideal for modern individuals who are exposed to high levels of stress. It is also ideal for purposes of preventing serious medical conditions associated with unhealthy lifestyle.

What is Mentha extract?

The term Mentha extract refers generally to a wide range of health supplement ingredients which belong to the mint family. It includes various species including peppermint and spearmint. Mentha extract provides a wide range of health benefits in general, while some of its specific sub classifications are known for specific health uses. There are many compounds which can be isolated from Mentha extract. These compounds include antioxidants, decongestants, and compounds for enhanced digestion. Although ideal for individuals of all ages, Mentha extract supplementation must be done with caution among patients who are diagnosed with certain health conditions such as heart ailments and nervous system disorders. In some cases, persons who are undergoing medicinal treatment must also seek consultation from physician prior to Mentha extract supplementation as it may cause drug interaction effects.

What are the health benefits of using Mentha extract?

Mentha extract supplementation is quite useful for modern day living. It provides many health benefits among individual users which include the following:

  • It may help prevent gastric ulcers

Stomach ulcerations may cause serious medical symptoms once it has progressed on the disease process. Experts say that the compounds in Mentha extract may be quite useful in preventing gastric ulcers as they help protect the lining of the stomach.

  • It may improve oral health

The mint plant and Mentha extract is also useful in improving oral health as it contains various antimicrobial compounds which help reduce bacterial growth in the oral cavity. Mentha extract may prevent bad breath and development of teeth cavities.

  • It may improve skin health

Some cosmetic products also include Mentha extract in their formulations as it is found to be effective in calming and soothing the skin. Individuals who are taking Mentha extract supplements may also enjoy skin health improvement benefits.


There are many species under the family of mint but in general, these species provide a wide range of health benefits. Mentha extract is an ideal additive to every modern health supplement formulation.

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