Schizandrol-A: The Century’s Best Natural Nootropic


Schizandrol-A: The Century’s Best Natural Nootropic

When it comes to safety and efficiency for dietary supplements, a lot of individuals believe that the best products are those which are naturally-formulated. While this belief is not necessarily correct in all its aspects, a good number of experts are convinced that naturally-formulated products are indeed the best for human consumption. Among the very few naturally-formulated nootropic supplements which are very popular in today’s market is Schizandrol-A. With its long-standing history in medical science, Schizandrol-A is currently being highlighted as one of the best natural nootropics of the century.

What is Schizandrol-A?

Extracted from Schisandra, a medicinal plant widespread in Asia and China, Schizandrol-A was originally used for treatment of various respiratory disorders. Although ancient medical practice has not fully explored on how the extract works, today’s medical science have established that the efficiency of Schizandrol-A is associated with its high polyphenol content. Polyphenol is a micronutrient which plays a major role in several bodily processes, including the prevention of degenerative and respiratory disorders. After discovering its positive effects in improving cognitive function and promoting overall mental health, Schizandrol-A nootropic supplements are manufactured and distributed for individual users.

What are the health effects of Schizandrol-A?

Schizandrol-A in today’s market is primarily sold for its benefits in improving cognitive functions among adults. Studies have shown that the drug helps enhance mental performance by improving focus, concentration and even memory retention. Experts suggest that this is made possible by its effect in preserving brain form and structure and preventing its fast degeneration. Other benefits and health effects of using Schizandrol-A are the following:

  1. It can prevent cell aging

Aside from preventing destruction of brain cells or neurons, several studies conducted among various human subjects have also shown that Schizandrol-A can effectively work as an antioxidant and prevent fast cell aging. The active ingredients of Schizandrol-A helps eliminate toxins in cells and body tissues to prevent their destruction and the appearance of early signs of aging.

  1. It helps Reduce Stress

Exposure to high levels of stress in a daily basis can lead to the release of a certain hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for the destruction not only of body cells but also nervous and cardiac cells. Researches have shown that a healthy dose of Schizandrol-A helps reduce cortisol levels during acute phases of stress. By helping the body ease out stress, the drug helps promote brain relaxation and improved mental function.

  1. It can Promote Weight Loss

There are only a few supplements in the market which can promote mental function and work as a nootropic. Schizandrol-A is definitely a classic example of a product which can do both functions. Studies have shown that the eventual reduction of cortisol and the increase in polyphenols in the body helps promote fat loss among overweight individuals. The exact manner on how this happens, however, is not yet fully understood.


Schizandrol-A is a very advantageous drug for adults who need to maintain mental health while keeping physical health. Not only is the product the best for its proven safety but is also one of the most efficient nootropics.

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