Arachidonic acid: An Essential Compound for Neurologic System Health

Arachidonic acid

Arachidonic acid: An Essential Compound for Neurologic System Health

Sufficient consumption of linoleic acid from natural food sources is one of the most effective ways of providing the body with adequate levels of Arachidonic acid, an essential compound for everyday health. Although food sources are widespread, many individuals develop lack of Arachidonic acid levels due to several factors such as malnutrition and problems with nutrient absorption. This is the reason why many manufacturers of health supplements have included Arachidonic acid in their formulations. Arachidonic acid is necessary for mental and physical health. Studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health show that the compound plays vital roles in the normal function of several body organs including the brain. In terms of safety, the compound is also classified to be safe for general consumption when taken within recommended doses.

What is Arachidonic acid?

Arachidonic acid is a derivative of linoleic acid. When taken through diet, linoleic acid is converted into gamma-linoleic acid or GLA and then broken down into Arachidonic Acid. The compound is then transported to the different body cells for use. Experts have, however, emphasized potential dangers of Arachidonic acid overdose as it is found to increase risk for cardiovascular diseases. The compound may also cause inflammation when taken within very high doses. When taken within recommended doses, Arachidonic acid may promote overall health as it activates several metabolic processes and promote brain function.

Health benefits of using Arachidonic acid

The omega-6 fatty acid Arachidonic acid can provide a lot of individual health benefits among both male and female individuals. Some of the most significant health claims and effects of taking the compound through health supplementation include the following:

  1. It supports the immune system

In a recently concluded study conducted among mice subjects, it was found that the compound Arachidonic acid has certain effects in supporting the immune system. The patterns on how it works, however, are not yet fully established. Individual users of Arachidonic acid also reported improved resistance against ordinary diseases following Arachidonic acid supplementation as the compound effectively improves disease resistance and inflammatory responses.

  1. It enhances neurological health

The compound Arachidonic acid is also necessary for optimal brain function. It reduces brain oxidative stress, thus preventing damage in neurons and enhancing their efficiency. In one study, it was also found that Arachidonic acid can help promote regular production of neurotransmitters especially among children, thereby preventing certain diseases such as Autism.

  1. It promotes muscle growth

Athletes and bodybuilders are also recommended to take Arachidonic acid as it may promote muscle growth and development naturally when taken within recommended doses. Some experts say that it promotes musculoskeletal health by improving hormonal levels but this claim is still subject to studies.


Arachidonic acid is very useful when taken within recommended doses but it can be potentially risky in cases of overdose. Individuals who are suffering from certain health conditions must also take the compound with caution.

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