Arecoline hydrobromide: Energy-boosting Compound for Better Cognition

Arecoline hydrobromide

Arecoline hydrobromide: Energy-boosting Compound for Better Cognition

Shown to manifest efficiency within a few minutes following intake, many experts have recommended the use of the compound Arecoline hydrobromide for physical stimulation purposes in the pre-workout phase. Aside from providing a sudden increase in energy levels, studies have also shown that the compound may enhance psychological responses and serve as a psychoactive compound. Athletes and bodybuilders are advised to take health supplements with Arecoline hydrobromide as it is safe for use within recommended doses. There are, however, certain studies showing that the compound may cause similar dependence and addictive side effects as that of nicotine in tobacco products. In order to ensure safety, health practitioners recommend the use of the compound in cycled doses.

What is Arecoline hydrobromide?

The naturally occurring compound Arecoline is typically derived from betel nuts. It is an alkaloid compound known to provide a lot of health benefits to the human body. Scientists have developed a synthetic form of the compound in order to meet the growing needs of the public in the form of Arecoline hydrobromide. Similar to Arecoline, the compound Arecoline hydrobromide is also very useful to individual users. Most studies on Arecoline hydrobromide show that it has certain health effects on the cognitive functions of individuals. As such, it is very useful among adults and elderly individuals who are experiencing are or at risk for developing symptoms of cognitive decline. Many users also take Arecoline hydrobromide for its claimed effects in improving workouts.

Health benefits of using Arecoline hydrobromide

Although most claims on the health benefits of using Arecoline hydrobromide are based on quantitative studies and other researches involving animal subjects, many experts say that the compound is potentially useful. The following are among the claimed uses of Arecoline hydrobromide:

  • It may boost memory work

In several studies conducted on mice subjects, experts observed that the compound Arecoline hydrobromide has effectively resulted to an increase in the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This action is understood to be associated with the claim that the compound may boost memory work as the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is primarily responsible for facilitating storage of information in the brain.

  • It prevents fatigue and exhaustion

Many experts also say that the compound Arecoline hydrobromide can be considered as an “upper”. By stimulating body cells and motivation, the compound is said to prevent fatigue and exhaustion following extraneous exercises. This health benefit is the primarily reason why Arecoline hydrobromide is used in pre-workout supplements.

  • It increases testosterone levels

As a testosterone-booster, Arecoline hydrobromide is associated with health benefits including effective lean muscle development and sexual performance enhancer. The claim, however, is subject to deeper clinical studies.


Although in synthetic form, Arecoline hydrobromide is as effective as the naturally-occuring Arecoline. It must, however, be taken with caution among high-risk individuals.

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